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Bruta Global Font

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Bruta GlobalDesigner: Natanael Gama
Publisher: Ndiscover
Created by Natanael Gama, Bruta Global is a sans serif typeface family. This typeface has sixty-four designs and was published by Ndiscover.

Bruta is a modern sans-serif grotesque typeface, conceived to end up being the Swiss army knife of your font library.

Inheriting the modernist technique of the grotesque fonts, Bruta intends to be a logical and neutral typeface appropriate for a vast array of applications. Whether it's utilized for print or screen, in large or little sizes, for publications or branding, Bruta will remain on your font library for long time.

Loaded with Opentype Features, +100 emojis, Greek and Cyrillic support, Bruta can easily become your brand-new default font.

Font Family:
· Bruta Global Regular Thin
· Bruta Global Regular Thin Italic
· Bruta Global Regular Extra Light
· Bruta Global Regular Extra Light Italic
· Bruta Global Regular Light
· Bruta Global Regular Light Italic
· Bruta Global Regular Regular
· Bruta Global Regular Italic
· Bruta Global Regular Semi Bold
· Bruta Global Regular Semi Bold Italic
· Bruta Global Regular Bold
· Bruta Global Regular Bold Italic
· Bruta Global Regular Extra Bold
· Bruta Global Regular Extra Bold Italic
· Bruta Global Regular Black
· Bruta Global Regular Black Italic
· Bruta Gobal Compressed Thin
· Bruta Gobal Compressed Thin Italic
· Bruta Gobal Compressed Extra Light
· Bruta Gobal Compressed Extra Light Italic
· Bruta Gobal Compressed Light
· Bruta Gobal Compressed Light Italic
· Bruta Gobal Compressed Regular
· Bruta Gobal Compressed Italic
· Bruta Gobal Compressed Semi Bold
· Bruta Gobal Compressed Semi Bold Italic
· Bruta Gobal Compressed Bold
· Bruta Gobal Compressed Bold Italic
· Bruta Gobal Compressed Extra Bold
· Bruta Gobal Compressed Extra Bold Italic
· Bruta Gobal Compressed Black
· Bruta Gobal Compressed Black Italic
· Bruta Global Condensed Thin
· Bruta Global Condensed Thin Italic
· Bruta Global Condensed Extra Light
· Bruta Global Condensed Extra Light Italic
· Bruta Global Condensed Light
· Bruta Global Condensed Light Italic
· Bruta Global Condensed Regular
· Bruta Global Condensed Italic
· Bruta Global Condensed Semi Bold
· Bruta Global Condensed Semi Bold Italic
· Bruta Global Condensed Bold
· Bruta Global Condensed Bold Italic
· Bruta Global Condensed Extra Bold
· Bruta Global Condensed Extra Bold Italic
· Bruta Global Condensed Black
· Bruta Global Condensed Black Italic
· Bruta Global Extended Thin
· Bruta Global Extended Thin Italic
· Bruta Global Extended Extra Light
· Bruta Global Extended Extra Light Italic
· Bruta Global Extended Light
· Bruta Global Extended Light Italic
· Bruta Global Extended Regular
· Bruta Global Extended Italic
· Bruta Global Extended Semi Bold
· Bruta Global Extended Semi Bold Italic
· Bruta Global Extended Bold
· Bruta Global Extended Bold Italic
· Bruta Global Extended Extra Bold
· Bruta Global Extended Extra Bold Italic
· Bruta Global Extended Black
· Bruta Global Extended Black Italic

Bruta Global Font Preview
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