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BuiltPublisher: Typodermic Fonts Inc.
Constructed is a display sans font family. This typeface has 10 designs and was published by Typodermic Fonts Inc.

Built has one job: making strong, compact headings onscreen. Created with trust and neutrality in mind, Built's wraparound shapes speak your headlines in newsy voice. Subtle curls conjure a feeling of a various news era while not discovering as particularly old-fashioned.


The Built family can be found in 5 weights, from extra-light to bold. However not your typical thin to fat linear variety. When you're developing for the screen, there are practical restrictions with light typefaces. Nowadays, with variable resolutions and screen sizes, going lighter implies going bigger. Much larger. And it's no fun if your words wind up falling off the line. Constructed really gets narrower as it gets lighter. Now you can scale method up and still have space to spare. Set attractive, large page titles without stressing if the words will fit.


Tabular (monospace) characters come in handy when you have lists of numbers to line up. In headings, tabular characters don't look so hot-- and they squander area. Lots of typefaces let you pick between proportional and tabular characters. OpenType innovation lets designers gain access to different types of numerals, but carrying out OpenType functions on the web isn't fun-- it's not constantly useful. Constructed has a simple option: if you switch off kerning, characters, monetary symbols and most math symbols line up. Easy.


Built has portions, primes, numeric ordinals, compact accents, the Indian rupee and the Turkish lira. As Built reduces weight, its asterisk sprouts more legs, retaining it's presence even in Extra-Light. The italics are squeezed thin and loosened up on the sides, producing cool emphasis that's more than just a slant.


Built is offered in Extra-Light, Light, Regular, Semi-Bold and Vibrant plus italics. Easy-going licensing terms make it a perfect option for web, e-book or app embedding.

.Font Family:
· Built ExtraLight
· Built ExtraLight Italic
· Built Light
· Built Light Italic
· Built Regular
· Built Italic
· Built SemiBold
· Built SemiBold Italic
· Built Bold
· Built Bold Italic

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