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Bunyan Pro Font

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Bunyan ProDesigners: Eric Gill, Patrick Griffin, Bill Troop
Publisher: Canada Type
Created by Eric Gill, Patrick Griffin and Bill Troop, Bunyan Pro is a serif font household. This typeface has 6 styles and was released by Canada Type.

Bunyan Pro is the synthesis of Bunyan, the last face Eric Gill developed for hand setting in 1934 and Pilgrim, the machine face based on it, issued by British Linotype in the early 1950s-- the most popular Gill text face in Britain from its release up until well into the 1980s.


Gill's last face does not date itself anywhere near as obviously as Gill's other serif deals with, which were all really products of their time, greatly influenced by the highly decorative and constantly changing visual patterns of the interwar period. When compared to Gill's previous work, Bunyan appears like a revolution in the way he thought and drew. It's as if he was shaking off all heavy burden of what was popular, and going back to the fundamentals of older requirements. Bunyan had no bells and whistles, does not risk performance with contrasts that are expensive or too low, and didn't venture far outside the comfortable oldstyle rhythm Gill matured with. By interbellum requirements, this was utter austerity, a veritable rejection of deco excess. Surprisingly, even without all the cloying trivialities, Bunyan still stood indisputably as a visually pleasing, area conserving design that could have been made only by Eric Gill.


Bunyan Pro is available in three weights and their italics. The main typeface is planned for use between 8 and 14 points. The medium and the strong are excellent for focus but also have great benefit in larger sizes, so can make reliable display types as well.


All 6 fonts include small caps, ligatures, alternates, 6 sets of figures, and three original Gill manicules. We attempted to keep the finest features of the handset (Bunyan) and device (Pilgrim) variations while constructing a text face that can work in today's immersive reading media. Choosing which beneficial letterpress features to preserve for visual importance was hell on our eyeballs-- which lead to complex and painstaking methods of settling irregularities and disparities connected to metal innovations, in order to provide something with credibility. The outcome is a special typeface based upon a Gill design that, to a much greater extent than any of his other faces, works well as a text face that can be used for entire books and magazines.

.Font Family:
· Bunyan Pro Regular
· Bunyan Pro Italic
· Bunyan Pro Medium
· Bunyan Pro Medium Italic
· Bunyan Pro Bold
· Bunyan Pro Bold Italic

Bunyan Pro Font Preview
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