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Calps Font

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CalpsDesigner: Chatnarong Jingsuphatada
Publisher: Typesketchbook
Designed by Chatnarong Jingsuphatada, Calps is a sans serif typeface household. This typeface has thirty-six styles and was released by Typesketchbook.

Calps is a condensed sans serif font style. An unfussy style, the font is designed to be consistent across such letters as a, b, d, q, p, g and C, G, O, Q, producing a harmony for the set. Each corner of the line is sculpted to reduce its sharpness, adding a touch of friendliness. If the basic typeface is not sufficiently condensed, there is a slim variation offering narrower proportions. In addition to the slim variation, the font style likewise can be found in roman and italic variations in 9 weights, using an overall of 36 variations for the font.

Font Family:
· Calps Thin
· Calps Thin Italic
· Calps ExtraLight
· Calps ExtraLight Italic
· Calps Light
· Calps Light Italic
· Calps SemiLight
· Calps SemiLight Italic
· Calps Regular
· Calps Italic
· Calps Medium
· Calps Medium Italic
· Calps Bold
· Calps Bold Italic
· Calps Black
· Calps Black Italic
· Calps ExtraBlack
· Calps ExtraBlack Italic
· Calps Slim Thin
· Calps Slim Thin Italic
· Calps Slim ExtraLight
· Calps Slim ExtraLight Italic
· Calps Slim Light
· Calps Slim Light Italic
· Calps Slim SemiLight
· Calps Slim SemiLight Italic
· Calps Slim Regular
· Calps Slim Italic
· Calps Slim Medium
· Calps Slim Medium Italic
· Calps Slim Bold
· Calps Slim Bold Italic
· Calps Slim Black
· Calps Slim Black Italic
· Calps Slim ExtraBlack
· Calps Slim ExtraBlack Italic

Calps Font Preview
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