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Caslon Bold Font

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Caslon BoldPublisher: ParaType
Caslon Strong is a serif font style family. This typeface has 2 designs and was released by ParaType.

This is the Bitstream version of Caslon Vibrant of the American Type Creators, 1905. It is based on William Caslon I's very first English Old Design typefaces of 1725. Caslon modeled his styles based on late 17th century Dutch types, however his artistic skills enabled him to enhance those designs, bringing a range of kinds and subtlety of details.

Strokes in Caslon font styles are somewhat much heavier than in earlier Old Design typefaces, serifs are thicker and a bit stubby. Italic letters have uneven slope. A text set in Caslon looks clear and visually attractive. Caslon is a preferred font style of English printers for setting of classical literature.

The Cyrillic version was developed for ParaType in 2002 by Isay Slutsker and Manvel Shmavonyan.

Font Family:
· Caslon Bold Regular
· Caslon Bold Italic

Caslon Bold Font Preview
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