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Ceres Font

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CeresDesigner: Robbie de Villiers
Publisher: Wilton Foundry
Ceres was designed by Robbie de Villiers and released by Wilton Foundry. Ceres contains 3 styles and family plan choices. p > Ceres is has its roots in Cyan, our other font style household. Like Cyan, Ceres has a complementary lowercase that provides more flexibility than a traditional Roman. It is arguably more stylish than Cyan with its accentuated serifs. The lowercase 'e' and 'g' provide Ceres an unique calligraphic personality.

Ceres, the font style, obtained its name from Ceres the Roman goddess. In Roman folklore, Ceres is the goddess of growing plants (especially cereals) and of motherly love. Ceres was generally related with the Greek goddess Demeter. Ceres was the daughter of Saturn and Ops, wife-sister of Jupiter, mom of Proserpina by Jupiter and sister of Juno, Vesta, Neptune and Pluto. Ceres comprised a trinity with Liber and Libera, who were two other agricultural gods. She likewise had twelve minor gods who assisted her, and they supervised of particular elements of farming.

Font Family:
· Ceres Regular
· Ceres Italic
· Ceres Capitals

Tags: classic, inscribed, roman, serif

Ceres Font Preview

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