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Chaparral Pro Font

Chaparral ProDesigner: Carol Twombly
Publisher: Adobe
Chaparral Pro was designed by Carol Twombly and published by Adobe. Chaparral Pro includes 32 styles and household bundle options. p > Developed by Adobe type designer Carol Twombly, Chaparral combines the legibility of slab serif designs popularized in the 19th century with the grace of 16th-century roman book lettering.

The outcome is a versatile, hybrid slab-serif design, a special addition to the Adobe Originals household of typefaces. Unlike "geometric" piece serif designs, Chaparral has differing letter proportions that offer it an available and friendly look in all weights from light to bold.

Like the drought-resistant brush that blooms on the dry coastal variety near Twombly's California house, Chaparral's extremely functional design is surprisingly lovely.

Font Family:
· Chaparral Pro Light
· Chaparral Pro Light Italic
· Chaparral Pro Regular
· Chaparral Pro Italic
· Chaparral Pro Semibold
· Chaparral Pro Semibold Italic
· Chaparral Pro Bold
· Chaparral Pro Bold Italic
· Chaparral Pro Light Caption
· Chaparral Pro Light Italic Caption
· Chaparral Pro Caption
· Chaparral Pro Italic Caption
· Chaparral Pro Semibold Caption
· Chaparral Pro Semibold Italic Caption
· Chaparral Pro Bold Caption
· Chaparral Pro Bold Italic Caption
· Chaparral Pro Light Display
· Chaparral Pro Light Italic Display
· Chaparral Pro Display
· Chaparral Pro Italic Display
· Chaparral Pro Semibold Display
· Chaparral Pro Semibold Italic Display
· Chaparral Pro Bold Display
· Chaparral Pro Bold Italic Display
· Chaparral Pro Light Subhead
· Chaparral Pro Light Italic Subhead
· Chaparral Pro Subhead
· Chaparral Pro Italic Subhead
· Chaparral Pro Semibold Subhead
· Chaparral Pro Semibold Italic Subhead
· Chaparral Pro Bold Subhead
· Chaparral Pro Bold Italic Subhead

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Chaparral Pro Font Preview

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