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Chypre Font

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ChypreDesigner: Jeremy Dooley
Publisher: Insigne Design
Developed by Jeremy Dooley, Chypre is a sans serif typeface family. This typeface has fifty-four styles and was published by Insigne Design.

21st century development requires a 21st century design. It's the age of virtual assistants. It's artificial intelligence and AI. It's blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Shape the feel of these modern-day principles with the mechanically-inspired types of Chypre.

Chypre's subtle technological feel is ideal for our culture's progressing electronic media applications. At its source, the carefully adjusted character designs and the balanced weight contrast convey to the modern-day reader an understanding of cutting edge principles through a pleasing human feel. Unlike many other tech-driven fonts out there, this next-gen cyborg is a terrific option for text settings in addition to headlines.

The new face is composed of six designs, consisting of numerous alternates which considerably modify the look. There are also additional letter shapes, many figure options, and extensive language assistance. Designed to fit where you need a modern feel, Chypre is a modern font for a contemporary age.

Font Family:
· Chypre Ext Thin
· Chypre Ext Thin Italic
· Chypre Norm Thin
· Chypre Norm Thin Italic
· Chypre Ext Light
· Chypre Ext Light Italic
· Chypre Norm Light
· Chypre Norm Light Italic
· Chypre Ext Book
· Chypre Ext Book Italic
· Chypre Norm Book
· Chypre Norm Book Italic
· Chypre Ext Regular
· Chypre Ext Regular Italic
· Chypre Norm Regular
· Chypre Norm Regular Italic
· Chypre Ext Medium
· Chypre Ext Medium Italic
· Chypre Norm Medium
· Chypre Norm Medium Italic
· Chypre Ext Demi
· Chypre Ext Demi Italic
· Chypre Norm Demi
· Chypre Norm Demi Italic
· Chypre Ext Bold
· Chypre Ext Bold Italic
· Chypre Norm Bold
· Chypre Norm Bold Italic
· Chypre Ext Black
· Chypre Ext Black Italic
· Chypre Norm Black
· Chypre Norm Black Italic
· Chypre Condensed Thin
· Chypre Condensed Thin Italic
· Chypre Condensed Light
· Chypre Condensed Light Italic
· Chypre Condensed Book
· Chypre Condensed Book Italic
· Chypre Condensed Regular
· Chypre Condensed Italic
· Chypre Condensed Medium
· Chypre Condensed Medium Italic
· Chypre Condensed Demi
· Chypre Condensed Demi Italic
· Chypre Condensed Bold
· Chypre Condensed Bold Italic
· Chypre Condensed Black
· Chypre Condensed Black Italic
· Chypre Extra Normal Ext Bold
· Chypre Extra Normal Ext Bold Italic
· Chypre Extra Normal Norm Bold
· Chypre Extra Normal Norm Bold Italic
· Chypre Extra Normal Condensed Bold
· Chypre Extra Normal Condensed Bold Italic

Chypre Font Preview
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