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Circus Didot Font

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Circus DidotDesigner: Danila Orlovsky
Publisher: ParaType
Developed by Danila Orlovsky, Circus Didot is a display serif and art deco font released by ParaType.

Circus Didot typeface provides a rework of a typical neoclassical serif type in a constructivist style. Examining the shapes of characters author put fundamental geometric figures-- triangles, rectangles, circles ... above the shapes of letters. Resulting buildings remaining identifiable letters at the very same time bore a resemblance to photos of Russian progressive artists from 20th century. This discovery has brought a concept to design a typeface where the propensity of a contemporary serif type to rationalism and geometry is understood in maximum possible level. The prototypes for the job were drawn from the works of Didot, lettering experiments of Russian constructivists and art deco artworks. The technique of handling with shapes and overall monstrous method to the design describes the selection of the name for the font. Developed by Danila Orlovsky. Launched by ParaType in 2010.

.Font Family: Circus Didot Regular

Circus Didot Font Preview
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