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Clarika Pro Font

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Clarika ProDesigner: Brandon Knap
Publisher: Wild Edge
Clarika Pro was designed by Brandon Knap and published by Wild Edge. Clarika Pro consists of 48 designs and family plan alternatives. The font is currently # 3 in Hot New Fonts. p > Clarika is driven by the core idea that a typeface family can supply both a geometric and grotesque set of sub-families, interchangeable to create a robust flexible type system.

Clarika Pro is based on the successes of the 2017 cut of the original Clarika. Boosted with features requested by consumers and revamped based on its use throughout mediums, Clarika Pro is a thoughtful advancement and adaptation. The household has been extended with deeper language support. It has actually been redrawn, re-kerned, and re-spaced for an even more distinguished appearance. Special features have been included to the families such as duplexed characters and currencies, allowing methods to provide large quantities of information without losing positioning when bolding line items. To extend functionality, Clarika Office is now offered as a companion to Clarika Pro, mapping popular mixes of weights together for usage within office applications such as Word or PowerPoint.

Within all Clarika households co-exists two sub-families, Clarika Geometric and Clarika Grotesque. Clarika Geometric is the foundation of the system defined by computed accuracy, the balance of tough and soft geometry, and simpleness of form while Clarika Grotesque is improved by standard cues, classy page texture, and timeless monstrous detailing. Special notches and angled terminals throughout both sub-families welcome unfavorable area into counters permitting letterforms to end up being more readable and with dignity support an extraordinary range of weight alternatives. Clarika is both a nod to the past and a step towards the future.

Character sets support over 200 Latin-based languages covering Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian, and Cyrillic languages. Geared up for expert typography, Clarika supports OpenType functions include lining, tabular, and oldstyle figures, portions, ordinals, superscripts, subscripts, and more.

Font Family:
· Clarika Pro Geometric Hairline
· Clarika Pro Geometric Hairline Italic
· Clarika Pro Geometric Thin
· Clarika Pro Geometric Thin Italic
· Clarika Pro Geometric Light
· Clarika Pro Geometric Light Italic
· Clarika Pro Geometric Regular
· Clarika Pro Geometric Italic
· Clarika Pro Geometric Medium
· Clarika Pro Geometric Medium Italic
· Clarika Pro Geometric Demi
· Clarika Pro Geometric Demi Italic
· Clarika Pro Geometric Bold
· Clarika Pro Geometric Bold Italic
· Clarika Pro Geometric Heavy
· Clarika Pro Geometric Heavy Italic
· Clarika Pro Geometric Black
· Clarika Pro Geometric Black Italic
· Clarika Pro Geometric Ultra
· Clarika Pro Geometric Ultra Italic
· Clarika Pro Geometric DEMO Light
· Clarika Pro Geometric DEMO Light Italic
· Clarika Pro Geometric DEMO Heavy
· Clarika Pro Geometric DEMO Heavy Italic
· Clarika Pro Grotesque Hairline
· Clarika Pro Grotesque Hairline Italic
· Clarika Pro Grotesque Thin
· Clarika Pro Grotesque Thin Italic
· Clarika Pro Grotesque Light
· Clarika Pro Grotesque Light Italic
· Clarika Pro Grotesque Regular
· Clarika Pro Grotesque Italic
· Clarika Pro Grotesque Medium
· Clarika Pro Grotesque Medium Italic
· Clarika Pro Grotesque Demi
· Clarika Pro Grotesque Demi Italic
· Clarika Pro Grotesque Bold
· Clarika Pro Grotesque Bold Italic
· Clarika Pro Grotesque Heavy
· Clarika Pro Grotesque Heavy Italic
· Clarika Pro Grotesque Black
· Clarika Pro Grotesque Black Italic
· Clarika Pro Grotesque Ultra
· Clarika Pro Grotesque Ultra Italic
· Clarika Pro Grotesque DEMO Light
· Clarika Pro Grotesque DEMO Light Italic
· Clarika Pro Grotesque DEMO Heavy
· Clarika Pro Grotesque DEMO Heavy Italic

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