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Clarika Font

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ClarikaDesigner: Brandon Knap
Publisher: The Refinery
Developed by Brandon Knap, Clarika is a sans serif font family. This typeface has forty-four styles and was published by The Refinery.

Clarika is a geometric sans serif type system consisting of eleven weights and two style variations; Clarika Geometric and Clarika Grotesque. As the name would suggest, Clarika boasts amazing legibility at both body and display screen sizes.

Clarika Geometric, the backbone of the system, is specified by minimalism, geometry, and pureness of kind while Clarika Grotesque is improved by sophistication, standard type, and monstrous qualities. This dynamic duo supplies robust flexibility leveraging the determined accuracy of Geometric or the classic detailing of Grotesque. Special notches and angled terminals invite negative space into counters permitting letterforms to end up being more understandable and identifiable in addition to gracefully assistance exceptionally heavy weight choices. Clarika is both a nod to the past and a step towards the future.

Clarika is geared up for professional typography with OpenType functions including lining, tabular, and oldstyle figures, portions, ordinals, superscripts, subscripts, and more. Character sets have been encompassed support over 200 Latin-based languages covering the Eastern, Central, and Western European regions.

Font Family:
· Clarika Geometric Ultra Thin
· Clarika Geometric Ultra Thin Italic
· Clarika Geometric Thin
· Clarika Geometric Thin Italic
· Clarika Geometric Extra Light
· Clarika Geometric Extra Light Italic
· Clarika Geometric Light
· Clarika Geometric Light Italic
· Clarika Geometric Regular
· Clarika Geometric Italic
· Clarika Geometric Medium
· Clarika Geometric Medium Italic
· Clarika Geometric Demi Bold
· Clarika Geometric Demi Bold Italic
· Clarika Geometric Bold
· Clarika Geometric Bold Italic
· Clarika Geometric Extra Bold
· Clarika Geometric Extra Bold Italic
· Clarika Geometric Black
· Clarika Geometric Black Italic
· Clarika Geometric Ultra Black
· Clarika Geometric Ultra Black Italic
· Clarika Grotesque Ultra Thin
· Clarika Grotesque Ultra Thin Italic
· Clarika Grotesque Thin
· Clarika Grotesque Thin Italic
· Clarika Grotesque Extra Light
· Clarika Grotesque Extra Light Italic
· Clarika Grotesque Light
· Clarika Grotesque Light Italic
· Clarika Grotesque Regular
· Clarika Grotesque Italic
· Clarika Grotesque Medium
· Clarika Grotesque Medium Italic
· Clarika Grotesque Demi Bold
· Clarika Grotesque Demi Bold Italic
· Clarika Grotesque Bold
· Clarika Grotesque Bold Italic
· Clarika Grotesque Extra Bold
· Clarika Grotesque Extra Bold Italic
· Clarika Grotesque Black
· Clarika Grotesque Black Italic
· Clarika Grotesque Ultra Black
· Clarika Grotesque Ultra Black Italic

Clarika Font Preview
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