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Cocogoose Narrows Font

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Cocogoose NarrowsDesigner: Cosimo Pancini
Publisher: Zetafonts
Cocogoose Narrows was developed by Cosimo Pancini and published by Zetafonts. Cocogoose Narrows includes 35 styles and household plan choices. p > The standard Cocogoose Pro (10 weights with three display variations, letterpress, inline and laid out, plus 4 overlapping ornamental versions: Block Shadow, Block Innerline, Block Border, Block Gradient) has actually been complemented with 3 new widths: condensed, compressed and narrow, each in multiple weights with italics, small capitals, alternates, old design characters, full cyrillic and greek character sets, and sporting the cherished letterpress variation. Perfect for logo designs and headings with a strong feel, but likewise extremely understandable as a text typeface.

Font Family:
· Cocogoose Compressed Thin
· Cocogoose Compressed Thin Italic
· Cocogoose Compressed Ultra Light
· Cocogoose Compressed Ultra Light Italic
· Cocogoose Compressed Light
· Cocogoose Compressed Light Italic
· Cocogoose Compressed Semilight
· Cocogoose Compressed Semilight Italic
· Cocogoose Compressed Regular
· Cocogoose Compressed Italic
· Cocogoose Compressed Bold
· Cocogoose Compressed Bold Italic
· Cocogoose Compressed Letterpress
· Cocogoose Condensed Thin
· Cocogoose Condensed Thin Italic
· Cocogoose Condensed Ultra Light
· Cocogoose Condensed Ultra Light Italic
· Cocogoose Condensed Light
· Cocogoose Condensed Light Italic
· Cocogoose Condensed Semilight
· Cocogoose Condensed Semilight Italic
· Cocogoose Condensed Regular
· Cocogoose Condensed Italic
· Cocogoose Condensed Letterpress
· Cocogoose Narrow Thin
· Cocogoose Narrow Thin Italic
· Cocogoose Narrow Ultra Light
· Cocogoose Narrow Ultra Light Italic
· Cocogoose Narrow Light
· Cocogoose Narrow Light Italic
· Cocogoose Narrow Semilight
· Cocogoose Narrow Semilight Italic
· Cocogoose Narrow Regular
· Cocogoose Narrow Italic
· Cocogoose Narrow Letterpress

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