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Compressa PRO Font

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Compressa PROPublisher: preussTYPE
Compressa PRO is a display sans font family. This typeface has eighty designs and was published by preussTYPE.

The Compressa typeface family integrates a big spread of weights and widths that is otherwise extremely tough to find. So you can select from an overall of 80 single cuts which design fits you best.

The entire clan is divided into five widths, each consisting of 16 individual areas with standardized weights (8 upright and 8 italics), where the width of the stems is similar for the weights. Just the width of the styles differs… … An effectively thought-out, contemporary font system.

Soon also available as VariableFont.

Please download the PDF-Specimen for Details.

Font Family:
· Compressa PRO Neutral Thin
· Compressa PRO Neutral Thin Italic
· Compressa PRO Neutral Extra Light
· Compressa PRO Neutral Extra Light Italic
· Compressa PRO Neutral Light
· Compressa PRO Neutral Light Italic
· Compressa PRO Neutral Regular
· Compressa PRO Neutral Italic
· Compressa PRO Neutral Medium
· Compressa PRO Neutral Medium Italic
· Compressa PRO Neutral Bold
· Compressa PRO Neutral Bold Italic
· Compressa PRO Neutral Black
· Compressa PRO Neutral Black Italic
· Compressa PRO Neutral Ultra
· Compressa PRO Neutral Ultra Italic
· Compressa PRO Extra Condensed Thin
· Compressa PRO Extra Condensed Thin Italic
· Compressa PRO Extra Condensed Extra Light
· Compressa PRO Extra Condensed Extra Light Italic
· Compressa PRO Extra Condensed Light
· Compressa PRO Extra Condensed Light Italic
· Compressa PRO Extra Condensed Regular
· Compressa PRO Extra Condensed Italic
· Compressa PRO Extra Condensed Medium
· Compressa PRO Extra Condensed Medium Italic
· Compressa PRO Extra Condensed Bold
· Compressa PRO Extra Condensed Bold Italic
· Compressa PRO Extra Condensed Black
· Compressa PRO Extra Condensed Black Italic
· Compressa PRO Extra Condensed Ultra
· Compressa PRO Extra Condensed Ultra Italic
· Compressa PRO Condensed Thin
· Compressa PRO Condensed Thin Italic
· Compressa PRO Condensed Extra Light
· Compressa PRO Condensed Extra Light Italic
· Compressa PRO Condensed Light
· Compressa PRO Condensed Light Italic
· Compressa PRO Condensed Regular
· Compressa PRO Condensed Italic
· Compressa PRO Condensed Medium
· Compressa PRO Condensed Medium Italic
· Compressa PRO Condensed Bold
· Compressa PRO Condensed Bold Italic
· Compressa PRO Condensed Black
· Compressa PRO Condensed Black Italic
· Compressa PRO Condensed Ultra
· Compressa PRO Condensed Ultra Italic
· Compressa PRO Expanded Thin
· Compressa PRO Expanded Thin Italic
· Compressa PRO Expanded Extra Light
· Compressa PRO Expanded Extra Light Italic
· Compressa PRO Expanded Light
· Compressa PRO Expanded Light Italic
· Compressa PRO Expanded Regular
· Compressa PRO Expanded Italic
· Compressa PRO Expanded Medium
· Compressa PRO Expanded Medium Italic
· Compressa PRO Expanded Bold
· Compressa PRO Expanded Bold Italic
· Compressa PRO Expanded Black
· Compressa PRO Expanded Black Italic
· Compressa PRO Expanded Ultra
· Compressa PRO Expanded Ultra Italic
· Compressa PRO Extra Expanded Thin
· Compressa PRO Extra Expanded Thin Italic
· Compressa PRO Extra Expanded Extra Light
· Compressa PRO Extra Expanded Extra Light Italic
· Compressa PRO Extra Expanded Light
· Compressa PRO Extra Expanded Light Italic
· Compressa PRO Extra Expanded Regular
· Compressa PRO Extra Expanded Italic
· Compressa PRO Extra Expanded Medium
· Compressa PRO Extra Expanded Medium Italic
· Compressa PRO Extra Expanded Bold
· Compressa PRO Extra Expanded Bold Italic
· Compressa PRO Extra Expanded Black
· Compressa PRO Extra Expanded Black Italic
· Compressa PRO Extra Expanded Ultra
· Compressa PRO Extra Expanded Ultra Italic

Compressa PRO Font Preview
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