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Concreto Mono Font

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Concreto MonoDesigner: Thodoris Nikolopoulos
Publisher: iframe
Concreto Mono was designed by Thodoris Nikolopoulos and published by iframe. Concreto Mono contains 1 style. The font is currently #49 in Hot New Fonts. p>PHTMLConcreto Mono is a monospaced san serif, built in regular style. The word concrete comes from the Latin word 'concretus' meaning compact. PCHTMLPHTMLPCHTMLPHTMLConcreto Mono is released in OpenType format with support for most languages.PCHTMLPHTMLPCHTMLPHTMLFeatures:PCHTMLPHTML_ Multilanguage SupportPCHTMLPHTML_ Letters Uppercase + LowercasePCHTMLPHTML_ GlyphsPCHTMLPHTML_ NumbersPCHTMLPHTMLPCHTMLPHTMLPCHTMLPHTMLdesign by iframePCHTML

Font Family: Concreto Mono Regular

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