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Contralto Font

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ContraltoDesigner: Jan Tonellato
Publisher: Synthview
Contralto was developed by Jan Tonellato and released by Synthview. Contralto includes 40 styles and family plan alternatives. The font is currently # 13 in Hot New Fonts. p >

Contralto is a high contrast sans-serif font style household, crafted to look classy however contemporary thanks to soft humanist shapes combined with sharp geometric details.

Contralto can be found in 40 designs: 5 weights × italics × 4 optical sizes, to help enhancing contrast and readability. However, you can likewise utilize them to fine tune the mood of your graphical composition.

Contralto's generous character set and Opentype features let you meet the most requiring layout requirements and lets your creativity fly!

Font Family:
· Contralto Big Light
· Contralto Big Light Italic
· Contralto Big Regular
· Contralto Big Regular Italic
· Contralto Big Demi Bold
· Contralto Big Demi Bold Italic
· Contralto Big Bold
· Contralto Big Bold Italic
· Contralto Big Black
· Contralto Big Black Italic
· Contralto Medium Light
· Contralto Medium Light Italic
· Contralto Medium Regular
· Contralto Medium Regular Italic
· Contralto Medium Demi Bold
· Contralto Medium Demi Bold Italic
· Contralto Medium Bold
· Contralto Medium Bold Italic
· Contralto Medium Black
· Contralto Medium Black Italic
· Contralto Small Light
· Contralto Small Light Italic
· Contralto Small Regular
· Contralto Small Regular Italic
· Contralto Small Demi Bold
· Contralto Small Demi Bold Italic
· Contralto Small Bold
· Contralto Small Bold Italic
· Contralto Small Black
· Contralto Small Black Italic
· Contralto Xsmall Light
· Contralto Xsmall Light Italic
· Contralto Xsmall Regular
· Contralto Xsmall Regular Italic
· Contralto Xsmall Demi Bold
· Contralto Xsmall Demi Bold Italic
· Contralto Xsmall Bold
· Contralto Xsmall Bold Italic
· Contralto Xsmall Black
· Contralto Xsmall Black Italic

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