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Cooper Nouveau Font

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Cooper NouveauDesigners: Dave West, Dave Foster
Publisher: House Industries
Cooper Nouveau was created by Dave West, Dave Foster and released by House Industries. Cooper Nouveau consists of 1 design. The typeface is presently # 46 in Hot New Fonts. p >

Few font styles reach cult status. In spite of its ubiquity-and possibly since of its lack of subtlety-for a hundred years Cooper continues to draw the faithful. It's even come to define a whole typographic genre and just recently starred in its own documentary.

Cooper Nouveau is Dave West's imaginative contribution to the Cooper oeuvre. Attracted 1966, Nouveau refreshes Oswald Cooper's original italic with an energetic pitch, simplified contours, and a plump friendly figure. Consistent strokes and generous curves push the font style's lively personality and springy shape even further. A choice of swashed characters and ligatures provides alternatives for vibrant logos and strong captions.

While Cooper Nouveau looks laid-back and easy-going, it's more than efficient in pulling it's own typographic weight. Put it to work where unwinded needs to predict confident. Set Nouveau big for eye-magnet posters, product packaging, and ads. Maximize its youthful energy for kids' themes, craft action, and clothing bounce. Or set it together with a master like Benguiat Buffalo or Chalet to demonstrate how Cooper Nouveau can communicate on paper and screens with an inherent ability to speak the language of design in lots of tongues.

But like any cult icon: be careful! Cooper has a method of setting the needle, and Nouveau just might become your go-to design repair.


ALTERNATES: Cooper Nouveau includes a number of alternate characters, which include flair to your designs and can assist resolve spacing issuesLIGATURES: Numerous letter combinations in Cooper Nouveau form a ligature to fix spacing problems and produce more pleasing designs.


Typeface Style: Dave WestDigitization: Dave FosterTypeface Direction: Ben Kiel, with Ken Barber

Like all excellent subversives, House Industries hides in plain sight while enhancing the look, feel and style of the world's most intriguing brand names, products and individuals. Based in Delaware, visually influencing the world.

Font Family: Cooper Nouveau Regular

Tags: 1960s, 1970s, album covers, cooper, curvy, display, energetic, eye-catching, laid-back, oswald cooper, photo-lettering, playful, plump, serif, swash caps, swashes, swashy

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