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Copperplate New Font

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Copperplate NewDesigners: Frederic Goudy, Martin Činčár
Publisher: Caron twice
Copperplate New was created by Frederic Goudy, Martin Činčár and published by Caron twice. Copperplate New consists of 45 styles and household plan options. p > Think of America in the 1930s. A gangster flick with Al Capone, a crime unique featuring Philip Marlowe. Our hero in a fedora beings in an elegant bar, orders a double bourbon, lights a cigar and eyes the night paper. He turns the pages, checking out a bank heist over on Third Opportunity, a scandal including a baseball player, a small advertisement for a family doctor and a large spread about a well-known law practice. What do the bottle of alcohol and the magnificent facade of the bank have in common? The stylish baseball uniform and reliable attorneys?

- Copperplate Gothic -

When Frederick William Goudy created his legendary typeface in 1901, it went on to literally end up being the sign of early 20th century America. Tiny serifs, typically broad letterforms, and particularly vibrant titles embellished calling cards at 6-point size, huge bronze-cast logos, paper headlines, restaurant menus and more. This was the golden age of Copperplate, lasting up until the arrival of die neue Typografie and monospaced grotesques in the 1960s.

Then the typeface practically completely vanished. It made a partial resurgence with the advent of the personal computer; digitizations of differing quality appeared, and one variation even became a basic typeface in Adobe programs. This might have contributed in Copperplate later on being utilized in Do It Yourself jobs and amateur designs, which hurt its reputation.

Copperplate New has actually been developed to revive the faded magnificence of the initial design. Formally, the new typeface broadens the existing weight and proportional extremes. The small serifs are minimized even further, making the typeface sans-like at smaller sized point sizes and improving readability. On the other hand, at large point sizes it maintains all of its original character. Decorative inline & & shadow styles have been included and both have actually been produced in all 5 proportions, making it simple to adjust the typesetting to the format you require. Regardless of these modifications and developments, Copperplate New stays true to Goudy's original style and represents a trendy way to evoke a golden period in American culture.

Copperplate New specimen: http://carontwice.com/files/Copperplate_New_specimen_Carontwice.pdf

Font Family:
· Copperplate New Hairline Condensed
· Copperplate New Slim Condensed
· Copperplate New Light Condensed
· Copperplate New Regular Condensed
· Copperplate New Bold Condensed
· Copperplate New Black Condensed
· Copperplate New Hairline Semi Condensed
· Copperplate New Slim Semi Condensed
· Copperplate New Light Semi Condensed
· Copperplate New Regular Semi Condensed
· Copperplate New Bold Semi Condensed
· Copperplate New Black Semi Condensed
· Copperplate New Hairline Medium
· Copperplate New Slim Medium
· Copperplate New Light Medium
· Copperplate New Regular Medium
· Copperplate New Bold Medium
· Copperplate New Black Medium
· Copperplate New Hairline Extended
· Copperplate New Slim Extended
· Copperplate New Light Extended
· Copperplate New Regular Extended
· Copperplate New Bold Extended
· Copperplate New Black Extended
· Copperplate New Hairline Wide
· Copperplate New Slim Wide
· Copperplate New Light Wide
· Copperplate New Regular Wide
· Copperplate New Bold Wide
· Copperplate New Black Wide
· Copperplate New Inline A Condensed
· Copperplate New Inline A Semi Condensed
· Copperplate New Inline A Medium
· Copperplate New Inline A Extended
· Copperplate New Inline A Wide
· Copperplate New Inline B Condensed
· Copperplate New Inline B Semi Condensed
· Copperplate New Inline B Medium
· Copperplate New Inline B Extended
· Copperplate New Inline B Wide
· Copperplate New Shadow Condensed
· Copperplate New Shadow Semi Condensed
· Copperplate New Shadow Medium
· Copperplate New Shadow Extended
· Copperplate New Shadow Wide

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