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Corporative Sans Font

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Corporative SansDesigner: Latinotype Team
Publisher: Latinotype
Designed by Latinotype Team, Corporative Sans is a sans serif font family. This typeface has sixty-four styles and was published by Latinotype.

Corporative Sans is the new version of Corporative. This font has a marked
personality and distinctive traits, what makes it suitable to be used at large text sizes. Since it is a condensed font, it can also be used in smaller sizes.

Corporative Sans comes with the Latinotype’s standard set of 350 characters, making it possible to use the font in 128 different languages.

Corporative Sans provides users with a wide range of characters, weights and widths for every project. By combining different variants, designers can achieve the best results.

The family consists of 64 fonts: a basic family that includes 8 weights plus italics, an alternative family of 8 weights with matching italics and 2 condensed families, one regular and one alternative, both with italics.

Latinotype has added new faces to its team. Latinotype Team now comprises: Rodrigo Fuenzalida, César Araya, Bruno Jara, Luciano Vergara and Daniel Hernández. Corporative Sans was created by Latinotype Team and developed by Javier Quintana, Rodrigo Fuenzalida and César Araya, under the supervision of Luciano Vergara and Daniel Hernández.

Font Family:
· Corporative Sans Hair
· Corporative Sans Hair Italic
· Corporative Sans Thin
· Corporative Sans Thin Italic
· Corporative Sans Light
· Corporative Sans Light Italic
· Corporative Sans Book
· Corporative Sans Book Italic
· Corporative Sans Regular
· Corporative Sans Italic
· Corporative Sans Medium
· Corporative Sans Medium Italic
· Corporative Sans Bold
· Corporative Sans Bold Italic
· Corporative Sans Black
· Corporative Sans Black Italic
· Corporative Sans Alt Hair
· Corporative Sans Alt Hair Italic
· Corporative Sans Alt Thin
· Corporative Sans Alt Thin Italic
· Corporative Sans Alt Light
· Corporative Sans Alt Light Italic
· Corporative Sans Alt Book
· Corporative Sans Alt Book Italic
· Corporative Sans Alt Regular
· Corporative Sans Alt Italic
· Corporative Sans Alt Medium
· Corporative Sans Alt Medium Italic
· Corporative Sans Alt Bold
· Corporative Sans Alt Bold Italic
· Corporative Sans Alt Black
· Corporative Sans Alt Black Italic
· Corporative Sans Condensed Hair
· Corporative Sans Condensed Hair Italic
· Corporative Sans Condensed Thin
· Corporative Sans Condensed Thin Italic
· Corporative Sans Condensed Light
· Corporative Sans Condensed Light Italic
· Corporative Sans Condensed Book
· Corporative Sans Condensed Book Italic
· Corporative Sans Condensed Regular
· Corporative Sans Condensed Italic
· Corporative Sans Condensed Medium
· Corporative Sans Condensed Medium Italic
· Corporative Sans Condensed Bold
· Corporative Sans Condensed Bold Italic
· Corporative Sans Condensed Black
· Corporative Sans Condensed Black Italic
· Corporative Sans Condensed Alt Hair
· Corporative Sans Condensed Alt Hair Italic
· Corporative Sans Condensed Alt Thin
· Corporative Sans Condensed Alt Thin Italic
· Corporative Sans Condensed Alt Light
· Corporative Sans Condensed Alt Light Italic
· Corporative Sans Condensed Alt Book
· Corporative Sans Condensed Alt Book Italic
· Corporative Sans Condensed Alt Regular
· Corporative Sans Condensed Alt Italic
· Corporative Sans Condensed Alt Medium
· Corporative Sans Condensed Alt Medium Italic
· Corporative Sans Condensed Alt Bold
· Corporative Sans Condensed Alt Bold Italic
· Corporative Sans Condensed Alt Black
· Corporative Sans Condensed Alt Black Italic

Corporative Sans Font Preview
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