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Daitengu Font

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DaitenguDesigner: David Kerkhoff
Publisher: Hanoded
Daitengu was developed by David Kerkhoff and published by Hanoded. Daitengu consists of 1 style. p >

I have actually constantly been captivated by Tengu - a mythical creature from Japan. Tengu are typically illustrated with a red face, a really long nose, white moustaches and an amusing hat. They used to be regarded as harbingers of war, however over the centuries, their image softened and they became the protective spirits of mountains and forests.

Daitengu suggests 'higher tengu' and comes from the Genpei Jōsuiki - an extended variation of the 'The Tale of the Heike' - an impressive account of the struggle in between the Taira and Minamoto clans for control of Japan.

So, now you learn about tengu, end of the history lesson!

Daitengu is an epic brush typeface. I made it with a soft brush and China ink (like the majority of my brush font styles), however instead of forming the glyphs I saw in my head, I let the brush do the work. A more 'zen' approach to brushwork if you will! The result is a messy, organic brush font style with a lot of spirit.

Comes with diacritics and double letter ligatures.

Font Family: Daitengu Regular

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