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DearJoe 7 Font

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dearJoe 7Designer: JJW van der Ham
Publisher: JOEBOB Graphics
Designed by JJW van der Ham, dearJoe 7 is a hand display screen typeface published by JOEBOB Graphics.

The dearJoe series of fonts came to life around the year 1999, when I produced dearJoe 1, which was a first (and half-assed) effort to convert my own handwriting into a working font style. Having the ability to enter my own hand had always been a youth dream, and even though I only partly understood the software, a working font style was produced and I chose to put it on the web for individuals to use in their own personal projects.

Which they did: at this moment the dearJoe 1 font style has been downloaded countless times and can be discovered on Vietnamese riksjas, Tasmanian health clubs and chocolate shops on 5th Opportunity for instance.

The typeface is not something I am particularly happy with, but it began me of in constructing what's now the JOEBOB graphics foundry.

Inbetween developing other font styles, the dearJoe series has become a style I revisit every when in a while, attempting to produce an upgrade on how my handwriting has progressed, together with my abilities in producing font styles that simulate actual handwriting. In the last years or so I started implementing ligatures and alternate characters, which helped a lot in coming to a result that can nearly pass for real handwriting.

The 2019 dearJoe 7 font is the most recent addition to this font family.

All characters were scanned from handwritten notes, cherrypicking the characters and letter-combinations I liked finest. They were written with a Lamy M66 B pen and only minor modifications were made to the original scans, leaving most little defects and rough edges as they were for a convincing ball-point on paper result.

The font comes with over 150 ligatures, making certain the font style has a variated and reliable total appearance and feel.

Font Family: DearJoe 7 Regular

dearJoe 7 Font Preview
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