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Defense Font

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DefenseDesigner: Michael Jarboe
Publisher: Reserves
Defense was designed by Michael Jarboe and released by Reserves. Defense contains 8 designs and household bundle choices. p > Defense is an unyielding rectangular slab-serif stencil face designed with consistently balanced letterforms and a refined finish. It's extremely angular geometric kind commands attention in display settings, yet is also understandable simply put text blocks.

The stencil mark width varies accordingly with each weight, helping to even more define each design. Numerous alternate character sets permit space for customization, while the expanded ligatures press letter combinations to the limit.

Stylistically, Defense's almost crude, sharp-cornered building is balanced by it's sophisticated finish and attention to detail, often latent in similar faces of this genre. The upright weights are enhanced by pairings of true italics, completely rebuilt, a little narrower in width with customized letterforms, increasing their contrast and flow.

Features consist of:

Precision kerning

Standard Ligatures set consisting of 'f' ligatures (fi, fl, ff, fh, fj, ffl, ffi, ffj)

Discretionary Ligatures set consisting of (feet, rt, ae, oe, st, feet, ct, oc, oo, ry, AE, OE, AL, TH, HE, AK, AN, TT, HD, AM, AP, AR, NF, NE, NH, NL, NB, FL, ND, FE, AB, OB, OD, OF, OG, OH, OK, OL, OM, ON, OO, OP, OQ, OR, OU, AH, UE, UF, UB, UD, UH, UK, UL, UM, UN, UP, UR, UU, MP, XY, YX, KY, WY, VY, AF, FF, FI)

Alternate characters (O, o, S, s, a, h circumflex, @, ®,, ¶, $, &&, _, and different ligature alternates)

Case forms (shifts different punctuation marks up to a position that works better with all-capital series)

Capital Spacing (worldwide adjusts inter-glyph spacing for all-capital text)

Slashed zero

Full set of numerators/denominators

Automatic portion feature (supports any fraction combination)

Extended language support (Latin-1 and Latin Extended-A)

* Needs an application with OpenType and/or Unicode support.

Font Family:
· Defense
· Defense Italic
· Defense SemiBold
· Defense SemiBold Italic
· Defense Bold
· Defense Bold Italic
· Defense Black
· Defense Black Italic

Tags: angular, athletic, college, display, flightcase, military, packaging, rectangular, serif, slab, sport, stencil

Defense Font Preview

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