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Dehjuti Font

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DehjutiDesigner: T. Christopher White
Publisher: I & O Media
Dehjuti was developed by T. Christopher White and released by I & & O Media. Dehjuti consists of 12 designs and family package options. p > Dehjuti/ de.' hju:. ti:/, predominantly based off Dwiggin's Electra, with shades of Palatino, is a contemporary and majestic piece serif. Like its inspirer, it has broad counters and spacing, which temper it and give it warmth, making it comfy and well-suited for longer texts. It is balanced in all aspects, from its punctuation to its recommendation marks and symbols. Its design takes into account all additional characters for languages that couple of fonts support, such as African and First Nation. These additional characters, such as Edh, Esh, Gamma, Ezh, Yogh, the pharyngeal fricatives, the click consonants, which have actually included capital versions, the glottal stops, et cetera, really appear like they belong, as opposed to being afterthoughts. The italic includes a touch of Arrighi. It includes all transcription systems pertinent to the Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek alphabets, along with basic Coptic, plus additional characters for Teuthonista and First Nation. It also consists of, to note a couple of, Egyptian-styled pictographs (where appropriate), APL, essentially all mathematical symbols and arrows, and a lots of extra characters in the Personal Usage Location for African, First Country, and lesser known languages, to be used with programs doing not have open type innovation. Note: Dehjuti has 3 variations: Regular Cyrillic, Bulgarian (B) Cyrillic, and Macedonian/Serbian (MS) Cyrillic.

Font Family:
· Dehjuti Regular
· Dehjuti Italic
· Dehjuti Bold
· Dehjuti Bold Italic
· Dehjuti B Regular
· Dehjuti B Italic
· Dehjuti B Bold
· Dehjuti B Bold Italic
· Dehjuti MS Regular
· Dehjuti MS Italic
· Dehjuti MS Bold
· Dehjuti MS Bold Italic

Tags: african, body text, cyrillic, egyptian, electra, greek, mathematics, mayan, modern, palatino, pictographs, serif, slab serif
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