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Dominoes Font

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DominoesPublisher: Aah Yes
Dominoes was released by Aah Yes. Dominoes includes 7 designs and household plan alternatives. p > There's 100 dominoes in this typeface, with all possible mixes from double-blank to double-nine. Just key in the two numbers of the domino you want (such as 25 for two-five, or 52 for five-two) with Ligatures on, and you'll get the domino you desire. There's also the letters, numbers and punctuation. (see listed below for more) You would require a program with Open-Type functions to do this - most modern graphics and word-processing programs have this feature.

There's 7 styles - which come as Horizontal; Vertical; and Gameplay - in either Black or White. The Horizontal version has all the dominoes showing horizontally, the Vertical variation has them all appearing vertically, and the Gameplay version duplicates actual gameplay where the doubles are at 90 degrees to the other dominoes. You can see this on the images in the gallery. And there's an Alternative version of the Gameplay black variation but with a various pattern on the number 7 and 8 dominoes.

The best way to access the characters is to set Ligatures to 'On' and key in the 2 numbers you want for that domino, the first number appears to the left/on top, and the second number appears to the right/on the bottom. In this way 25 will appear as a different domino to 52. That's about as simple as it could be unless you have totally mastered telepathy. Additionally you can access the characters by means of the Character Set.

Please note:

You'll need to make it possible for Basic Ligatures for these domino deals with to show as it is described above - which will need a program which contains Open-Type features. Modern graphics programs have this feature, and many allow it by default, with some you may need to enable it yourself. Standard text editors probably don't have this feature whereas innovative Data processing Programs probably do.

Also note:

There's the full set of ASCII characters for standard letters, numbers and punctuation, but no accented characters, (there's pretty much whatever for English but not the extended set of accented letters for numerous languages and extra signs we 'd usually consist of in a typeface - it's a font intended for giving Domino pieces and not for advanced Data processing or Type-setting work.) However there's enough there for any basic textual work - and you get the dominoes obviously. The alphanumeric characters are drawn from our Sanstone Semibold font style.

To get 2 numbers like 34 to look like numbers instead of dominoes, either switch Ligatures off, or type a grave accent (leading left of the keyboard, to the left of the numbers row) which will allow the numbers to appear as 2 numbers together and not convert them to dominoes, (it will really print an extremely tiny blank area between them that you won't even see.)

Font Family:
· Dominoes Horizontal
· Dominoes White Horizontal
· Dominoes Vertical
· Dominoes White Vertical
· Dominoes Gameplay
· Dominoes White Gameplay
· Dominoes Gameplay Alt

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