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Draft Font

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DraftDesigner: Ryan Martinson
Publisher: Yellow Design Studio
Draft was created by Ryan Martinson and released by Yellow Design Studio. Draft consists of 144 designs and family package choices. p > Draft from Yellow Design Studio is a 144-font powerhouse type suite that's smooth and positive with a decidedly contemporary edge. It features 9 weights (Hairline to Black) and 8 widths (A to H) for supreme flexibility and fine-grain control. With practically 600 glyphs, Draft provides a full complement of professional typographic functions and extensive language support.

Try the complete variations of Draft B Regular and Italic for free!

Draft opentype functions include:

Alternate a - accessed with Stylistic Alternates or Stylistic Set 1

Alternate g - accessed with Swash or Stylistic Set 2

Alternate t - accessed with Entitling Alternates or Stylistic Set 3

Alternate Q - accessed with Accessories or Stylistic Set 4

Alternate Ampersand 1 - accessed with Stylistic Set 5

Alternate Ampersand 2 - accessed with Stylistic Set 6 Highlighted Ordmasculine, Ordfeminine - accessed with Stylistic Set 7

Alternate underlined Ordfeminine - accessed with Stylistic Set 8

Subtle Ligatures (for improved text flow)

Oldstyle Characters

Tabular Characters

Case-Sensitive Forms Numerator, Denominator, Superscript, Subscript

Automatic Fractions

Font Family:
· Draft A Hairline
· Draft A Hairline Italic
· Draft A Thin
· Draft A Thin Italic
· Draft A Light
· Draft A Light Italic
· Draft A Regular
· Draft A Regular Italic
· Draft A Medium
· Draft A Medium Italic
· Draft A Semi Bold
· Draft A Semi Bold Italic
· Draft A Bold
· Draft A Bold Italic
· Draft A Extra Bold
· Draft A Extra Bold Italic
· Draft A Black
· Draft A Black Italic
· Draft B Hairline
· Draft B Hairline Italic
· Draft B Thin
· Draft B Thin Italic
· Draft B Light
· Draft B Light Italic
· Draft B Regular
· Draft B Regular Italic
· Draft B Medium
· Draft B Medium Italic
· Draft B Semi Bold
· Draft B Semi Bold Italic
· Draft B Bold
· Draft B Bold Italic
· Draft B Extra Bold
· Draft B Extra Bold Italic
· Draft B Black
· Draft B Black Italic
· Draft C Hairline
· Draft C Hairline Italic
· Draft C Thin
· Draft C Thin Italic
· Draft C Light
· Draft C Light Italic
· Draft C Regular
· Draft C Regular Italic
· Draft C Medium
· Draft C Medium Italic
· Draft C Semi Bold
· Draft C Semi Bold Italic
· Draft C Bold
· Draft C Bold Italic
· Draft C Extra Bold
· Draft C Extra Bold Italic
· Draft C Black
· Draft C Black Italic
· Draft D Hairline
· Draft D Hairline Italic
· Draft D Thin
· Draft D Thin Italic
· Draft D Light
· Draft D Light Italic
· Draft D Regular
· Draft D Regular Italic
· Draft D Medium
· Draft D Medium Italic
· Draft D Semi Bold
· Draft D Semi Bold Italic
· Draft D Bold
· Draft D Bold Italic
· Draft D Extra Bold
· Draft D Extra Bold Italic
· Draft D Black
· Draft D Black Italic
· Draft E Hairline
· Draft E Hairline Italic
· Draft E Thin
· Draft E Thin Italic
· Draft E Light
· Draft E Light Italic
· Draft E Regular
· Draft E Regular Italic
· Draft E Medium
· Draft E Medium Italic
· Draft E Semi Bold
· Draft E Semi Bold Italic
· Draft E Bold
· Draft E Bold Italic
· Draft E Extra Bold
· Draft E Extra Bold Italic
· Draft E Black
· Draft E Black Italic
· Draft F Hairline
· Draft F Hairline Italic
· Draft F Thin
· Draft F Thin Italic
· Draft F Light
· Draft F Light Italic
· Draft F Regular
· Draft F Regular Italic
· Draft F Medium
· Draft F Medium Italic

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