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DragonFyre Font

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DragonFyreDesigner: Anton Scholtz
Publisher: Scholtz Fonts
DragonFyre was designed by Anton Scholtz and published by Scholtz Fonts. DragonFyre contains 1 style.  

Beware: Here be Dragons! It Be Dangeroues to Venture Yonder!

This warning, inscribed on a rock at the entrance of a cave in an inaccessible mountain in the far north of Scotland, provided the inspiration for the font DragonFyre. While I have not seen the actual rock myself, I have based the font on an accurate drawing of the original inscription.

DragonFyre speaks of lands beyond our ken, of wistful faerie kingdoms, of dark happenings and white magic. Use it at your peril, for its very use will conjure up worlds long forgotten, places of faeries, elves and hobgoblins, of ogres and giants. Those who read texts written in this font may well have their lives strangely changed.

I have included a complete character set of 242 characters; upper and lower case; as well as all accented and special characters. All characters have been carefully letterspaced and kerned. For maximum dramatic impact I suggest you use combinations of both upper- and lower-case characters.

Font Family: DragonFyre

Tags: brush-drawn, calligraphic, calligraphy, certificate, commercial, curly, cursive, d&d, decorative, delicate, elegant, exclusive, feminine, flair, fresh, graceful, greetings, informal, invitation, invite, natural, ornamental, party, poetic, poetry, royal, script, signage, soft, swash, swashes, wedding, wispy, wizard

DragonFyre Font Preview

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