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Duckie Font

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DuckieDesigner: Dave Rowland
Publisher: Schizotype
Duckie was designed by Dave Rowland and released by Schizotype. Duckie consists of 1 style. p > Schizotype's continuing fight versus whitespace continues full cream ahead with Duckie, and fat-bottomed script that loads a whole lotta weight into the softest of punches. The forms feel familiar, like they're straight from funky disco album covers, but this is a 100% original face. Do not let its retro charm discourage you from taking it for a spin in more contemporary settings; it might just surprise you!

Now for the functions bit: OpenType functions include ligatures, swashes, contextual alternates and stylistic sets. The stylistic sets are 1. switch the script r swap to a regular r, 2. switch the script upper case i to a more familiar seriffed version, 3. the number four modifications to an open form, and finally, 4. loopy ascenders in the lower case close in and lose the hole.

You ought to not use this in all caps settings. Pretty please.

Font Family: Duckie

Tags: 70s, alternates, bell bottom, black, bulbous, connected, cool, creamy, dessert, different, disco, fat, fat-bottomed, food, full fat, gooey, got it, joined up, juicy, ligatures, loopy, opentype, orig, packaging, plump, retro, rounded, script, swash, voluptuous

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