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Duos Pro Font

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Duos ProDesigners: Bas Jacobs, Akiem Helmling, Sami Kortemäki
Publisher: Underware
Duos Pro was created by Bas Jacobs, Akiem Helmling, Sami Kortemäki and released by Underware. Duos Pro consists of 11 styles and household plan alternatives. p > Duos Pro, a script for illusionists, is available in 10 designs. Whatever style you select: use this rapid monolinear handwriting font in big sizes, due to the fact that it is made for capturing the attention.

Take Duos Sharp, which features fast strokes and sharp endings in light, regular and black weights. Or select Duos Round, and its 3 designs with a softer voice and round endings. Some individuals call those endings "funky ball noses", an odd but proper description. Round designs look more like round suggestion speedball lettering, however contrary to most speedball letterings they're composed with an extremely high speed. Particularly Duos Round Black is more cuddlesome than its sharper counterpart.

For an even more user-friendly feel, we added two more sets: Duos Brush & & Duos Paint.

Duos Brush integrates monoline strokes with brush starts and endings, for that visual, freshly lettered touch. A closer appearance will reveal how its brushed tails vary all the time. Duos Paint is comprised out of rough & & artistic painted strokes, with all its accompanying drawbacks. In contradiction to the finesses of lighter weights, Duos Paint Black scores in being the most casual and impressionistic. Poésie brutale!

As well as having the option to select between (or mix) these 10 styles, Duos Pro has additional covert functionalities. For example, every style has lots of alternate lettershapes and ligatures, using various different outcomes and lengths to display every single word. Or manually add among the swashes for more focus. A reward typeface, Duos Tools, consists of tool icons, strokes and banners. If that ain't enough, include some polysemic letters for wise, uncertain communication if you like.

Want to become a signpainter? Then be a signpainter. Constantly wished to be an artist? This is your opportunity! Duos Pro improves your look. Make your visual vocabulary as grand, significant, delicate or picturesque as you want. But whatever you do, don't think twice to apply Duos Pro "short & & big"!

Font Family:
· Duos Sharp Pro Light
· Duos Sharp Pro Regular
· Duos Sharp Pro Black
· Duos Round Pro Light
· Duos Round Pro Regular
· Duos Round Pro Black
· Duos Brush Pro Light
· Duos Brush Pro Regular
· Duos Brush Pro Black
· Duos Paint Pro Black
· Duos Tools Pro Regular

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