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Eckhart Font

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EckhartDesigner: Roch Modrzejewski
Publisher: ROHH
Eckhart was designed by Roch Modrzejewski and published by ROHH. Eckhart consists of 74 styles and family package options. The font style is presently # 22 in Best Sellers. p > Eckhart is a modern-day didone, high-contrast typeface developed to develop classy, original and meaningful character. This versatile font style family is provided in four optical sizes, making it a total type system for all sort of use, from branding to setting paragraph text. It is geared up with ligatures, swashes and alternates to improve style possibilities and make it extremely unique as a display typeface.

Eckhart family includes a very spirited and energetic color font style, giving broad brand-new possibilities of screen usage, especially fascinating for posters and publications. Eckhart Color is provided both as OTF color font as well as routine layered font in 6 layers - it helps to attain optimum software compatibility and control over colors.

Eckhart includes 74 typefaces in 4 optical sizes - 33 uprights and their matching true italics + color typefaces. It has extended language support as well as broad number of OpenType features, such as case delicate kinds, basic and discretionary ligatures, stylistic sets, lining, oldstyle figures, slashed zero, fractions, superscript and subscript, ordinals, currencies and symbols.


Color typeface - user info:

Eckhart Color Folk - OTF color typeface format has pre-defined color scheme. In order to change the colors, please transform the text to details. You need compatible software application to use the OTF color file, such as Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Pixelmator, etc.

Eckhart Color Layered fonts - use the typefaces one on top of the other in the order the typefaces are numbered. These are regular OTF files, they work in all professional graphic software application and you can edit the color of each layer.

For web usage - please use the color typefaces as graphics, because not all web internet browsers support them.

Font Family:
· Eckhart Poster Thin
· Eckhart Poster Thin Italic
· Eckhart Poster Light
· Eckhart Poster Light Italic
· Eckhart Poster Book
· Eckhart Poster Book Italic
· Eckhart Poster Regular
· Eckhart Poster Regular Italic
· Eckhart Poster Demi Bold
· Eckhart Poster Demi Bold Italic
· Eckhart Poster Bold
· Eckhart Poster Bold Italic
· Eckhart Poster Extra Bold
· Eckhart Poster Extra Bold Italic
· Eckhart Poster Black
· Eckhart Poster Black Italic
· Eckhart Poster Extra Black
· Eckhart Poster Extra Black Italic
· Eckhart Display Thin
· Eckhart Display Thin Italic
· Eckhart Display Light
· Eckhart Display Light Italic
· Eckhart Display Book
· Eckhart Display Book Italic
· Eckhart Display Regular
· Eckhart Display Regular Italic
· Eckhart Display Demi Bold
· Eckhart Display Demi Bold Italic
· Eckhart Display Bold
· Eckhart Display Bold Italic
· Eckhart Display Extra Bold
· Eckhart Display Extra Bold Italic
· Eckhart Display Black
· Eckhart Display Black Italic
· Eckhart Display Extra Black
· Eckhart Display Extra Black Italic
· Eckhart Headline Light
· Eckhart Headline Light Italic
· Eckhart Headline Book
· Eckhart Headline Book Italic
· Eckhart Headline Regular
· Eckhart Headline Regular Italic
· Eckhart Headline Demi Bold
· Eckhart Headline Demi Bold Italic
· Eckhart Headline Bold
· Eckhart Headline Bold Italic
· Eckhart Headline Extra Bold
· Eckhart Headline Extra Bold Italic
· Eckhart Headline Black
· Eckhart Headline Black Italic
· Eckhart Headline Extra Black
· Eckhart Headline Extra Black Italic
· Eckhart Text Book
· Eckhart Text Book Italic
· Eckhart Text Regular
· Eckhart Text Regular Italic
· Eckhart Text Demi Bold
· Eckhart Text Demi Bold Italic
· Eckhart Text Bold
· Eckhart Text Bold Italic
· Eckhart Text Extra Bold
· Eckhart Text Extra Bold Italic
· Eckhart Text Black
· Eckhart Text Black Italic
· Eckhart Text Extra Black
· Eckhart Text Extra Black Italic
· Eckhart Color Folk
· Eckhart Color Black
· Eckhart Color Layer 1
· Eckhart Color Layer 2
· Eckhart Color Layer 3
· Eckhart Color Layer 4
· Eckhart Color Layer 5
· Eckhart Color Layer 6

Tags: bnf2019, branding, didone, didot, display, fashion, fat face, headline, high contrast, magazine, poster, serif, swash, text

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