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Edison Font

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EdisonPublisher: HiH
Edison was released by HiH. Edison consists of 1 style. p > Edison, is it Victorian or is it Art Nouveau? While this typeface might be discovered in Petzendorfer's Treasury of Art Nouveau Alphabets, I believe the decorative spirals are more Victorian than "New Art." To me, they looked added, rather than natural-- with the industrial mechanics of a coiled spring, rather than the tendrils of a growing plant as the philosophical wellspring.

Originally released by ATF in 1894 as Houghton, this typeface was re-released shortly afterwards by Bauer and Berthold in Germany as EDISON.

Please do not make the error of believing the font we provide here is no much better than freeware fonts in low-cost rip-off collections. This typeface has a set 218 characters and represents numerous hours controling the bezier curves to produce acceptable outcomes. Available freeware fonts are frequently bit more than raw scans with little accuracy of letterform. The muddy line intersections are a dead give-away. Often all you get is the alphabet itself. No numbers, no punctuation and do not even consider diacriticals. The font we provide represents a significant value. Considering the hours of work included, I have no company charging so little bit. I might make better money cooking hamburgers or bagging groceries. However we want very much to encourage you to purchase and take pleasure in these interesting historic typefaces and are making it as easy as possible for you to do so. So please motivate us and order Edison today.

Font Family: Edison

Tags: 1800s, 1890s, art nouveau, church, curly, dagger, decorative, fancy, german, ornamental, pointed, revival, spiral, spiritual, textura, xmas

Edison Font Preview

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