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Eidetic Neo Font

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Eidetic NeoDesigner: Rodrigo Xavier Cavazos
Publisher: Emigre
Designed by Rodrigo Xavier Cavazos, Eidetic Neo is a serif font style family. This typeface has six designs and was released by Emigre.

Cavazos drew Eidetic as a method of concerning terms with traditional typography (particular aspects of it, anyway) that he 'd found out to hate as a production artist, burnishing tool in hand, in the 1980s. He 'd initially planned to satisfy classicism halfway, but the expedition proved to be too engaging and he rapidly crossed that line, and then numerous others.

The design itself was born in 1996 under what the designer thinks about ideal circumstances: scratched out on grid paper with an old mechanical pencil, from the traveler seat of a parked automobile (someplace near 20th and Valencia, in this case). The original sketch was substantially more eccentric-- an indication of its times-- with a mixed serif treatment, and quirky bits throughout. Much of this vaporized during the development that followed, and ultimately a sans serif variation was spun off which enabled Cavazos to focus more intently on performance and cohesiveness. Cavazos self-published the style as Eidetic Serif in February 1998; then in the spring/summer of 2000, in collaboration with Zuzana Licko, he restored the 5 base typefaces, and added the Black, Omni, and Portions. Though visually comparable to the previous edition, Eidetic Neo represents a magnitude of improvement-- from point structure through to hinting.

Eidetic, the adjective, describes a psychological image of overwhelming vividness or clearness. As such, it can safely be said that the name does not use to the experience of developing Eidetic. That procedure, according to Cavazos, was more of an iterative blur. Certainly, there are remarkable turning points and revelations along the method, but the name is mostly devoted to certain signature letterforms that connect the initial vision of the design to this final incarnation.

Font Family:
· Eidetic Neo Regular
· Eidetic Neo Italic
· Eidetic Neo Bold
· Eidetic Neo Bold Italic
· Eidetic Neo Black
· Eidetic Neo Omni

Eidetic Neo Font Preview
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