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Elara Sans PRO Font

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Elara Sans PROPublisher: preussTYPE
Elara Sans PRO is a sans serif font family. This typeface has twelve designs and was released by preussTYPE.

Elara Sans PRO is a modern sans serif. Motivated by both grotesque and humanist designs, it is tidy and sensible with a warm, friendly tone.

The italics are developed at an italic angle of 10 degrees. All the letter types have been kept similar while designing italic instead changing the kind e.g. a remains same double story in italic also instead changing it to single story. The intention is to keep it basic and neutral which helps interact the corporate sense of professionalism.

Extra care was taken in creating the OpenType features in Elara Sans PRO. Information were included to help make premium typesetting simpler, such as case-sensitive punctuation and an optically-correct superscript. A stylistic set in the italics supplies alternate two-story forms of the a and g. Even the default numbers are the proportional width old-style types for a more refined well-rounded text look. There are likewise lining figures for setting with caps and tabular-width variations for setting tables.

Every design of Elara PRO likewise has a full set of built-in little caps, even the italics. There is likewise an expanded character set, supporting over a hundred languages. And with weights varying from additional thin to ultra heavy, Alright Sans shows itself to be a flexible and useful household for a vast array of projects.

Font Family:
· Elara Sans PRO Light
· Elara Sans PRO Light Italic
· Elara Sans PRO Regular
· Elara Sans PRO Italic
· Elara Sans PRO Medium
· Elara Sans PRO Medium Italic
· Elara Sans PRO Bold
· Elara Sans PRO Bold Italic
· Elara Sans PRO Black
· Elara Sans PRO Black Italic
· Elara Sans PRO Ultra
· Elara Sans PRO Ultra Italic

Elara Sans PRO Font Preview
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