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Electra Font

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ElectraDesigner: William Addison Dwiggins
Publisher: Adobe
Created in 1935 by William Addison Dwiggins, Electra has been a standard book typeface because its release because of its evenness of design and high legibility.

In the specimen book for Electra, Dwiggins himself explains the type''s identifying qualities:" "The weighted leading serifs of the straight letters of the lower case: that is a thing that occurs when you are making official letters with a pen, composing quickly. And the flat way the curves escape the straight stems: that is a speed item. " "

Electra is not just a great text face but is equally responsive when set at display sizes, understanding Dwiggins' ' intent when he set about the design:"" ... if you don't get your type warm it will be just a smooth, commonplace, third-rate piece of great maker strategy, no use at all for setting down warm human concepts, simply a box complete of rivets ... I' wish to make it warm, so filled with blood and character that it would leap at you. " "

Tags: 20th-century, book, book text, elegant, formal, m-formula, mid-century, optical sizes, personal text, serif, square serif, text, transitional

Electra Font Preview
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