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Engria Font

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EngriaDesigner: Dave Rowland
Publisher: Schizotype
Engria was designed by Dave Rowland and published by Schizotype. Engria contains 8 designs and household bundle alternatives. p > Engria is a type family of four weights with corresponding italics that treads the great line between sans and serif. There are serifs, of a sort, influenced by the brush. Not the marks made by a brush, however the real splayed shape the bristles make when clamped together. Wedge-like portions that resemble engraved types, as the name Engria tips at. But it also has the appearance of a stressed, flared sans. This combined method provides a distinct voice. Extremely clear at text sizes, as certainly it is enhanced for, Engria does nevertheless shine at display screen sizes thanks to its characteristic information-- flared stems, angular counterforms, rugged ink traps and fluid curves. (I would advise tracking it a little tighter at larger sizes.)

Engria began life way back in 2014, and has been worked and reworked tirelessly to get to this ended up item. My intent was to actually push the idea of the white shapes being as essential, if not more so, than the black.

Engria is geared up for typographically requiring applications, boasting as it does a range of OpenType features, including small caps, automated portions, stylistic sets, various figure designs, arrows, case delicate forms and more. It will make a really useful addition to your typographic arsenal, with a flare (ahem) for editorial work, but the individuality for packaging, branding, and logo design work.

Font Family:
· Engria Regular
· Engria Regular Italic
· Engria Medium
· Engria Medium Italic
· Engria Bold
· Engria Bold Italic
· Engria Black
· Engria Black Italic

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