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FabFours Font

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FabFoursDesigner: Robert Schenk
Publisher: Ingrimayne Type
FabFours was created by Robert Schenk and released by Ingrimayne Type. FabFours contains 11 styles and household bundle alternatives. p > A tessellation is a pattern in which a shape or tile meshes with copies of itself to fill the airplane without any gaps or overlaps. One kind of tessellation is formed with sides of center-point rotation, that is, one half of an edge is turned 180 degrees to form the other half. If a square design template is made with sides of identical center-point rotation, there are exactly 4 shapes that are possible.

If these shapes or tiles are meshed not edge to edge but vertex to vertex, the result is a checkerboard-like pattern of tiles and voids. However, deep spaces have four edges formed by the four possible shapes that the tiles can have, so the spaces are limited to the same four shapes that make up the tiles. The FabFours have 22 tile households that enable a wide range of interesting patterns. They form one, two, 3, and four tile tessellation. Eleven of the seventeen balance groups can be formed with these patterns.

In each tile household 2 of the shapes have 2 possible orientations, one shape has four possible orientations, and one has 8, for a total of 16 tiles. Each font style has 2 families, one on letters A-P the other on a-p. For a few of the families there are also other tiles using the exact same edge but utilizing triangular and hexagonal templates.

To get appropriate results, the leading must be set equal to the point size of the font.

I discovered these fantastic families and their ornamental possibilities as I was working on a book about tessellations. I have not had the ability to find anybody else who has discussed these households of 4 and their decorative possibilities when organized vertex to vertex.

Font Family:
· Fab Fours Ein
· Fab Fours Zwei
· Fab Fours Drei
· Fab Fours Vier
· Fab Fours Funf
· Fab Fours Sechs
· Fab Fours Sieben
· Fab Fours Acht
· Fab Fours Neun
· Fab Fours Zehn
· Fab Fours Elf

Tags: decorative, geometric, geometry, non-alphabetic, ornament, patterned, patterns, symmetry, tessellation, tiling, web-graphics, web graphics

FabFours Font Preview

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