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Fabrizio Font

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FabrizioDesigner: Ari Rafaeli
Publisher: ARTypes
Fabrizio was designed by Ari Rafaeli and published by ARTypes. Fabrizio contains 20 styles and family package options.  

The new Fabrizio types, designed by Ari Rafaeli, have made their first appearance in Saggi di Letteratura Italiana: Da Dante per Pirandello a Orazio Costa, by Lucilla Bonavita, printed at Pisa in March 2016 by Fabrizio Serra Editore for whom the type was specially designed. The types are now offered for general sale. Each style (roman, small capitals, italic, semi-bold, bold) contains Cyrillic and 'polytonic' Greek letters and letters for many European languages (Czech, Hungarian, Icelandic, Lettish, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Welsh etc.), non-kerning fs, long ſ, ligatures and fractions. Alternative forms are supplied in 'B' versions of each style. A set of swash letters and sets of superiors, inferiors, fractions and phonetic letters are also offered. Two 'Special' fonts (roman and italic) containing special accents, letters for transliteration, Vietnamese letters, mathematics signs and symbols, arrows, commercial signs, pictograms, figures in circles, scansion marks, braces & benzene rings and the Rafaeli-Meruba Hebrew letters, as well as Latin, Cyrillic and Greek letters, are included in the Fabrizio family.

Font Family:
· Fabrizio A Regular
· Fabrizio A Italic
· Fabrizio A SemiBold
· Fabrizio A Bold
· Fabrizio A SC
· Fabrizio B Regular
· Fabrizio B Italic
· Fabrizio B SemiBold
· Fabrizio B Bold
· Fabrizio B SC
· Fabrizio Special Regular
· Fabrizio Special Italic
· Fabrizio C SemiBold
· Fabrizio Swash Italic
· Fabrizio Superior Regular
· Fabrizio Superior Italic
· Fabrizio Inferior Regular
· Fabrizio Inferior Italic
· Fabrizio Fractions Regular
· Fabrizio Phonetic Regular

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Fabrizio Font Preview
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