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Fact Font

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FactDesigners: Manvel Shmavonyan, Alexandra Korolkova
Publisher: ParaType
Reality was developed by Manvel Shmavonyan, Alexandra Korolkova and published by ParaType. Truth includes 56 designs and family bundle alternatives. p > Fact is a workhorse open sans serif type system. It is influenced by the excellent Frutiger typeface. While the Routine design is a little modernized however still rather near to Frutiger, altering the weight or width makes differences of the design more pronounced. The style variety of Reality is broader than of any cognate type family, including weights from Thin to Black and widths from Compressed to Expanded. Reality type system includes 48 upright styles with variations in width and weight and 8 italics of typical width. The font style was created by Alexandra Korolkova and Manvel Shmavonyan and launched by Paratype in 2018.

Font Family:
· Fact Thin
· Fact Thin Italic
· Fact Extra Light
· Fact Extra Light Italic
· Fact Light
· Fact Light Italic
· Fact
· Fact Italic
· Fact Medium
· Fact Medium Italic
· Fact Bold
· Fact Bold Italic
· Fact Extra Bold
· Fact Extra Bold Italic
· Fact Black
· Fact Black Italic
· Fact Narrow Thin
· Fact Narrow Extra Light
· Fact Narrow Light
· Fact Narrow
· Fact Narrow Medium
· Fact Narrow Bold
· Fact Narrow Extra Bold
· Fact Narrow Black
· Fact Condensed Thin
· Fact Condensed Extra Light
· Fact Condensed Light
· Fact Condensed
· Fact Condensed Medium
· Fact Condensed Bold
· Fact Condensed Extra Bold
· Fact Condensed Black
· Fact Compressed Thin
· Fact Compressed Extra Light
· Fact Compressed Light
· Fact Compressed
· Fact Compressed Medium
· Fact Compressed Bold
· Fact Compressed Extra Bold
· Fact Compressed Black
· Fact Semi Expanded Thin
· Fact Semi Expanded Extra Light
· Fact Semi Expanded Light
· Fact Semi Expanded
· Fact Semi Expanded Medium
· Fact Semi Expanded Bold
· Fact Semi Expanded Extra Bold
· Fact Semi Expanded Black
· Fact Expanded Thin
· Fact Expanded Extra Light
· Fact Expanded Light
· Fact Expanded
· Fact Expanded Medium
· Fact Expanded Bold
· Fact Expanded Extra Bold
· Fact Expanded Black

Tags: advertising, alternates, black, books, branding, brending, business, clean, condensed, contemporary, corporate, cyrillic, display, elegant, extended, friendly, headline, humanist, legible, logo, magazine, modern, newspaper, old-style figures, packaging, poster, reclame, sans-serif, text, thin, type system, versal eszett, workhorse
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