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Fan Script Font

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Fan ScriptDesigner: Alejandro Paul
Publisher: Sudtipos
Fan Script was created by Alejandro Paul and published by Sudtipos. Fan Script consists of 1 style. p > A pal of mine says that sports are the supreme popular drug. One of his preferred things to state is, "The sun's always shining on a game somewhere."

It's hard to argue with that. But that point of view is now the benefit of a society where innovation is so high and mighty that everything but shapes such point of views. These days I can, if I so select, subscribe to absolutely nothing however sports on over a hundred TV channels and a thousand web browser bookmarks. However it wasn't always like that.

When I was growing up, long before the super-commercialization of the sport, I and other kids spent more than every spare minute of our time remembering the names and positions of players, gathering group shirts and paraphernalia, making up video game circumstances, and just being our generation's entirely devoted fans. Argentina is one of the countries most obsessed with sports, specifically 'fĂștbol' (or soccer to North Americans). The running American joke was that we're all born with a football. When the national group is playing a video game, shops really close their doors, and Buenos Aires appears like a ghost town. Even on the regional level, River Plate, my preferred team where I grew up, didn't usually have to fret about empty seats in its house stadium, despite the fact that attendance is charged at a high premium.

There are things our senses soak up when we are kids, yet we do not observe them till much later on in life. A sport's collage of visual appeals is among those things. When I was a kid I loved the groups and gamers that I liked, but I never ever actually stopped to believe what strengthened them in my memory and made them quickly identifiable to me. Now, thirty-some years later on, and after having had the fortune to experience lots of cultures besides my own, I can safely deduce that a sport's aesthetic depends upon the regional or national culture as much as it depends upon the sport itself. And the method all that gets formed in a single group's identity ends up being so elaborate it is challenging to see where each part originates from to form the whole.

Although "futbol" is still in my blood as an Argentinean, I'm old enough to manage a little cynicism about how incredibly corporate most popular sports are. Obviously, absolutely nothing can now take away the delight I received from football in my youth and early teenagers. However over the previous couple of years I've been attempting to perceive the sport itself in a global context, even along with other popular sports in different locations of the world. Being a type designer, I naturally focus in my contrasts on the alphabets used in designing various sports experiences. And from that I've concerned a couple of conclusions about my own taste in sports visual, a few of which surprised me.

I believe I like the baseball and basketball visual better than football, hockey, volley ball, tennis, golf, cricket, rugby, and other sports. This of course is a prejudiced opinion. I'm a lettering man, and hand lettering is seen far more in baseball and basketball. But there's a bit more to it than that. Even though all sports can be decreased to a bare-bones series of functions and goals to reach, the guidelines and plans of baseball and basketball, in spite of their apparent tempo distinctions, are more matched for overall creative motion than other sports. So when an application of swashed handlettering is used as part of a group's identity in baseball or basketball, it becomes a natural fit. The swashes can nearly be graph of a basketball curving in the air on its method to the hoop, or a baseball on its way out of the park. This expression is usually backed by and connected to strong, sleak lettering, representing the driving force and precision (arms, bat) behind the creative motion. It's an easy and natural connective analysis to a designer, however the regular naked eye still marvels inexplicably at the appeal of such logo designs and wordmarks.

That analytical simplicity was the divining rod behind Fan Script. My own enthusiastic short was to construct a readable yet very artistic sports script that can be an ideal suitable for baseball or basketball identities, however which can likewise be carried out for other sports. The result ended up being quite stunning to my eyes, and I hope you discover it satisfactory in your own work.

Sports scripts like this one are rooted in showcard lettering models from the late 19th and early 20th century, like Detroit's lettering teacher C. Strong's - the exact same designs that continue to influence book designers and indication painters for more than a century now. So as you can see, American turn-of-the-century calligraphy and its long-lasting impacts still stay a subject of fascination to me. This fascination has actually been the engine of many of my work, and it proves in Fan Script.

Fan Script is a dynamic heavy brush face ideal for sports identities. It includes a variety of swashes of different shapes, both connective and non-connective, and contains a whole variety of letter alternates. Users of this font style will find a lot of casual freedom in playing with various mixes - a freedom backed by a strong technological undercurrent, where OpenType functions supply instant and rational solutions to problems typical to this kind of script.

One last thing bears mentioning: After the font style and production were completed, it was remarkably wonderful for me to notice, in the screening stage, that my background as a product packaging designer appears to have actually left a mark en route the typeface works in general. The modern improvements I applied to the letter kinds have managed to induce a rather retro packaging appearance to the totality of the typeface. So I expect Fan Script will be just as helpful in packaging as it would be in sports identity, logotype and merchandizing.

Ale Paul

Font Family: Fan Script

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Fan Script Font Preview

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