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FF Attribute Text Font

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FF Attribute TextDesigner: Viktor Nübel
Publisher: FontFont
FF Attribute Text was designed by Viktor Nübel and published by FontFont. FF Characteristic Text contains 14 designs and family package options. p > FF Associate Text is a proportional design with a synthetic monospace appearance. It has an industrial strength, minimalist ambiance, making it perfect for attention getting, theme-based headings, posters, banners and navigational links. And, because it is such a robust family, FF Attribute can likewise be utilized for branding of blogs, games, website and tech products.

FF Characteristic is available in 2 households; Mono and Text. The Mono is a set width (monospace) style, while the Text is a proportional design.

FF Attribute was, in fact, initially designed for the use in code editor software. Its 7 roman and italic monospaced weights and extended character set supporting a numerous languages, also make it an effective interactions tool. But this is just the idea of the iceberg. In addition to the monospaced version, where all characters share a repaired width, there is likewise a proportional, "synthetic monospaced" variation: FF Quality Text. The Text household keeps the visual character of a monospaced typeface, however broad letters are given more space while narrow characters have been drawn with right percentages and spacing. FF Characteristic Text looks monospaced-- but it's not.

Drawn by Viktor Nübel, FF Quality Text's 14 designs, huge character set, consisting of box-drawing characters and user interface-icons, make it the Swiss Army Knife ® of monospaced typefaces.

Font Family:
· FF Attribute Text Thin
· FF Attribute Text Thin Italic
· FF Attribute Text Extra Light
· FF Attribute Text Extra Light Italic
· FF Attribute Text Light
· FF Attribute Text Light Italic
· FF Attribute Text Regular
· FF Attribute Text Regular Italic
· FF Attribute Text Medium
· FF Attribute Text Medium Italic
· FF Attribute Text Bold
· FF Attribute Text Bold Italic
· FF Attribute Text Black
· FF Attribute Text Black Italic

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