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FF QType Font

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FF QTypeDesigner: Achaz Reuss
Publisher: FontFont
FF QType was created by Achaz Reuss and published by FontFont. FF QType contains 61 styles and family package alternatives. p > German type designer Achaz Reuss produced this screen and sans FontFont in 2004.

The household has 26 weights, ranging from Additional Light to Black in Compressed, Condensed, Regular, Semi Extended, and Extended and is ideally fit for marketing and packaging, logo, branding and creative markets, poster and billboards as well as sports.

FF QType offers innovative typographical support with features such as ligatures, alternate characters, case-sensitive kinds, portions, incredibly- and subscript characters, and stylistic alternates.

It comes with tabular lining and proportional lining figures.

Font Family:
· FF QType Pro Square Extra Light
· FF QType Pro Square Light
· FF QType Pro Square Book
· FF QType Pro Square Medium
· FF QType Pro Square Bold
· FF QType Pro Square Black
· FF QType Pro Compressed Extra Light
· FF QType Pro Compressed Light
· FF QType Pro Compressed Book
· FF QType Pro Compressed Medium
· FF QType Pro Compressed Bold
· FF QType Pro Condensed Extra Light
· FF QType Pro Condensed Light
· FF QType Pro Condensed Book
· FF QType Pro Condensed Medium
· FF QType Pro Condensed Bold
· FF QType Pro Seext Extra Light
· FF QType Pro Seext Light
· FF QType Pro Seext Book
· FF QType Pro Seext Medium
· FF QType Pro Seext Bold
· FF QType Pro Extended Extra Light
· FF QType Pro Extended Light
· FF QType Pro Extended Book
· FF QType Pro Extended Medium
· FF QType Pro Extended Bold
· FF QType Std Square Extra Light
· FF QType Std Square Light
· FF QType Std Square Book
· FF QType Std Square Medium
· FF QType Std Square Bold
· FF QType Std Square Black
· FF QType Std Compressed Extra Light
· FF QType Std Compressed Light
· FF QType Std Compressed Book
· FF QType Std Compressed Medium
· FF QType Std Compressed Bold
· FF QType Std Condensed Extra Light
· FF QType Std Condensed Light
· FF QType Std Condensed Book
· FF QType Std Condensed Medium
· FF QType Std Condensed Bold
· FF QType Std Seext Light
· FF QType Std Seext Book
· FF QType Std Seext Medium
· FF QType Std Seext Bold
· FF QType Std Extended Extra Light
· FF QType Std Extended Light
· FF QType Std Extended Book
· FF QType Std Extended Medium
· FF QType Std Extended Bold
· FF QType Std Compressed
· FF QType Std Condensed
· FF QType Std Seext
· FF QType Std Extended
· FF QType Std Square
· FF QType Pro Condensed
· FF QType Pro Compressed
· FF QType Pro Extended
· FF QType Pro Seext
· FF QType Pro Square

Tags: bank gothic alternative, square

FF QType Font Preview

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