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Flowy Font

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FlowyDesigner: Chatnarong Jingsuphatada
Publisher: Typesketchbook
Flowy was designed by Chatnarong Jingsuphatada and released by Typesketchbook. Flowy includes 29 designs and family plan alternatives. p > Flowy is a romantic and fragile type, comprised of 4 sub-families. Brush, Script, and Condensed imitate freehand writing utilizing different tools. In these households, you can select the original variation which embodies freehand designs, the Tidy alternative which offers a clean-cut edge and is more ideal for corporate projects, or Rust which changes the texture. Meanwhile, two choices, Clean and Ink, included the Sans type. The total family has 29 individual typefaces that serve your jobs every purpose.

Font Family:
· Flowy Brush Clean
· Flowy Brush Rust
· Flowy Brush Freehand
· Flowy Script Clean
· Flowy Script Rust
· Flowy Script Freehand
· Flowy Condensed Clean
· Flowy Condensed Clean Italic
· Flowy Condensed Rust
· Flowy Condense Rust Italic
· Flowy Condense Freehand
· Flowy Condense Freehand Italic
· Flowy Sans Regular Freehand
· Flowy Sans Reg Freehand Italic
· Flowy Sans Bold Freehand
· Flowy Sans Bold Freehand Italic
· Flowy Sans Regular Clean
· Flowy Sans Regular Clean Italic
· Flowy Sans Bold Clean
· Flowy Sans Bold Clean Italic
· Flowy Sans Regular Ink
· Flowy Sans Regular Ink Italic
· Flowy Sans-Bold Ink
· Flowy Sans Bold Ink Italic
· Flowy Sans Regular Rust
· Flowy Sans Regular Rust Italic
· Flowy Sans Bold Rust
· Flowy Sans Bold Rust Italic
· Flowy Extras

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