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Flowy Font

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FlowyPublisher: Typesketchbook
Flowy is a multiple category typeface family. This typeface has twenty-nine designs and was published by Typesketchbook.

Flowy is a romantic and delicate type, made up of four sub-families: Brush, Script, Condensed and Sans.

The different designs mimic freehand composing utilizing different tools. In these families, you can pick the original version which embodies freehand styles, the Clean alternative which uses a clean-cut edge and is more appropriate for corporate tasks, or Rust which changes the texture. Meanwhile, 2 options, Tidy and Ink, featured the Sans type.

The total household has 29 private typefaces that serve your tasks every purpose.

Font Family:
· Flowy Brush Clean
· Flowy Brush Freehand
· Flowy Brush Rust
· Flowy Script Clean
· Flowy Script Freehand
· Flowy Script Rust
· Flowy Condensed Clean
· Flowy Condensed Clean Italic
· Flowy Condensed Freehand
· Flowy Condensed Freehand Italic
· Flowy Condensed Rust
· Flowy Condensed Rust Italic
· Flowy Sans Clean Regular
· Flowy Sans Clean Italic
· Flowy Sans Clean Bold
· Flowy Sans Clean Bold Italic
· Flowy Sans Freehand Regular
· Flowy Sans Freehand Italic
· Flowy Sans Freehand Bold
· Flowy Sans Freehand Bold Italic
· Flowy Sans Ink Regular
· Flowy Sans Ink Italic
· Flowy Sans Ink Bold
· Flowy Sans Ink Bold Italic
· Flowy Sans Rust Regular
· Flowy Sans Rust Italic
· Flowy Sans Rust Bold
· Flowy Sans Rust Bold Italic
· Flowy Extras

Flowy Font Preview
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