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FM Bolyar TypeCraft Font

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FM Bolyar TypeCraftDesigners: Jordan Jelev, Vassil Kateliev
Publisher: The Fontmaker
FM Bolyar TypeCraft was developed by Jordan Jelev, Vassil Kateliev and published by The Fontmaker. FM Bolyar TypeCraft consists of 81 designs and household package choices. p > A very typeface household mastered to an unrivaled level of precision, Bolyar TypeCraft is a collection multiple textured designs that represent historical printing strategies. A happy member of our successful Bolyar family tree this distinct type household offers unlimited options for your imagination and is rather able to please every typographic taste. If you are addicted to timeless vintage design, then you might quickly utilize Bolyar TypeCraft for practically any task of desire - from letterheads, logos and catchy headlines to classy product packaging, book covers and white wine labels. Alternates, Swashes and Ligatures will help you tailor practically each and every single letter and fit completely to your artwork.

Bolyar TypeCraft offers a broad series of advanced typographical functions: Numerous subfamilies each loading the 2 traditional Bolyar designs - Regular (N) and Elaborate (O). Five weights per style ranging from thin (100) to black (900) with complete multilingual assistance for all Latin based languages in addition to Cyrillic. A 1000+ glyphs per weight consisting of 3 multilingual stylistic sets, swash styles and helpful discretionary ligatures. Sub- and superscript basic Latin and Cyrillic glyphs as well as figures. 2 positional designs for lowercase accessed as OpenType case delicate forms - baseline (default) or vertical focusing. Contextual alternates and unique stylistic set with different shape roughness exclusively established for Bolyar Rough subfamily. A multifunctional Bolyar Shadow household witch can be flawlessly coupled with any of the sub-family styles provided.

Check out some great examples of Bolyar TypeCraft in use by the Labelmaker

Font Family:
· FM Bolyar Rough NPro 100
· FM Bolyar Rough NPro 300
· FM Bolyar Rough NPro 500
· FM Bolyar Rough NPro 700
· FM Bolyar Rough NPro 900
· FM Bolyar Rough OPro 100
· FM Bolyar Rough OPro 300
· FM Bolyar Rough OPro 500
· FM Bolyar Rough OPro 700
· FM Bolyar Rough OPro 900
· FM Bolyar Engraved One NPro 100
· FM Bolyar Engraved One NPro 300
· FM Bolyar Engraved One NPro 500
· FM Bolyar Engraved One NPro 700
· FM Bolyar Engraved One NPro 900
· FM Bolyar Engraved One OPro-100
· FM Bolyar Engraved One OPro 300
· FM Bolyar Engraved One OPro 500
· FM Bolyar Engraved One OPro 700
· FM Bolyar Engraved One OPro 900
· FM Bolyar Engraved Two NPro 100
· FM Bolyar Engraved Two NPro 300
· FM Bolyar Engraved Two NPro 500
· FM Bolyar Engraved Two NPro 700
· FM Bolyar Engraved Two NPro 900
· FM Bolyar Engraved Two OPro 100
· FM Bolyar Engraved Two OPro 300
· FM Bolyar Engraved Two OPro 500
· FM Bolyar Engraved Two OPro 700
· FM Bolyar Engraved Two OPro 900
· FM Bolyar Rust One NPro 100
· FM Bolyar Rust One NPro 300
· FM Bolyar Rust One NPro 500
· FM Bolyar Rust One NPro 700
· FM Bolyar Rust One NPro 900
· FM Bolyar Rust One OPro 100
· FM Bolyar Rust One OPro 300
· FM Bolyar Rust One OPro 500
· FM Bolyar Rust One OPro 700
· FM Bolyar Rust One OPro 900
· FM Bolyar Rust Two NPro 100
· FM Bolyar Rust Two NPro 300
· FM Bolyar Rust Two NPro 500
· FM Bolyar Rust Two NPro 700
· FM Bolyar Rust Two NPro 900
· FM Bolyar Rust Two OPro 100
· FM Bolyar Rust Two OPro 300
· FM Bolyar Rust Two OPro 500
· FM Bolyar Rust Two OPro 700
· FM Bolyar Rust Two OPro 900
· FM Bolyar Woodcut One NPro 100
· FM Bolyar Woodcut One NPro 300
· FM Bolyar Woodcut One NPro 500
· FM Bolyar Woodcut One NPro 700
· FM Bolyar Woodcut One NPro 900
· FM Bolyar Woodcut One OPro 100
· FM Bolyar Woodcut One OPro 300
· FM Bolyar Woodcut One OPro 500
· FM Bolyar Woodcut One OPro 700
· FM Bolyar Woodcut One OPro 900
· FM Bolyar Woodcut Two NPro 100
· FM Bolyar Woodcut Two NPro 300
· FM Bolyar Woodcut Two NPro 500
· FM Bolyar Woodcut Two NPro 700
· FM Bolyar Woodcut Two NPro 900
· FM Bolyar Woodcut Two OPro 100
· FM Bolyar Woodcut Two OPro 300
· FM Bolyar Woodcut Two OPro 500
· FM Bolyar Woodcut Two OPro 700
· FM Bolyar Woodcut Two OPro 900
· FM Bolyar Shadow NPro 100
· FM Bolyar Shadow NPro 300
· FM Bolyar Shadow NPro 500
· FM Bolyar Shadow NPro 700
· FM Bolyar Shadow NPro 900
· FM Bolyar Shadow OPro 100
· FM Bolyar Shadow OPro 300
· FM Bolyar Shadow OPro 500
· FM Bolyar Shadow OPro 700
· FM Bolyar Shadow OPro 900
· FM Bolyar Rough Pro Ornaments

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