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Free Adobe Lightroom Presets

Free Adobe Lightroom Presets

I have decided to share my set of black and white presets that I use in Adobe Lightroom. The set has 3 black and white presets and then 4 split tone presets for each black and white preset, making a total of 15 presets which I am giving away free.

The beauty of using presets is that they are really easy to use and results are instant.

To install the presets, switch to the develop module in Adobe Lightroom, right click on the presets pane and select import.

These presets are meant as a starting point for your black and white photography. Feel free to adjust the brightness and contrast settings if the settings appear too light or dark for a particular picture.

Download all the presets here

If you like these presets, also have a look at my free monochrome presets for Lightroom.


Hope you find these film effects useful.
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