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Frenchute Font

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FrenchuteDesigner: Josep Bellart
Publisher: Tipo Pèpel
Frenchute was designed by Josep Bellart and released by Tipo Pèpel. Frenchute contains 36 designs and household bundle alternatives. p >

France 1727, the book Le chemin Royal de la Croix is published. Centuries later on the historic publication comes into the hands of Josep Patau, who utilizes its printed pages as a referral for a new digital typeface. Previously created for printing, those shapes adjust now to the screen and show the elegance and authenticity of true Garalde types.

Frenchute is a multipurpose typeface with 3 optical sizes. All the shapes were modified to cover various typographic requirements. The diagonal axis and the moderate stroke contrast are taken further in the italics letterforms, where the design is much more expressive. The character set consists of ornamental forms and italic capitals with swashes, so the text looks prettier.

Font Family:
· Frenchute Light
· Frenchute Light Italic
· Frenchute Book
· Frenchute Book Italic
· Frenchute Regular
· Frenchute Regular Italic
· Frenchute Demi Bold
· Frenchute Demi Bold Italic
· Frenchute Bold
· Frenchute Bold Italic
· Frenchute Heavy
· Frenchute Heavy Italic
· Frenchute High Light
· Frenchute High Light Italic
· Frenchute High Book
· Frenchute High Book Italic
· Frenchute High Regular
· Frenchute High Regular Italic
· Frenchute High Demi Bold
· Frenchute High Demi Bold Italic
· Frenchute High Bold
· Frenchute High Bold Italic
· Frenchute High Heavy
· Frenchute High Heavy Italic
· Frenchute Low Light
· Frenchute Low Light Italic
· Frenchute Low Book
· Frenchute Low Book Italic
· Frenchute Low Regular
· Frenchute Low Regular Italic
· Frenchute Low Demi Bold
· Frenchute Low Demi Bold Italic
· Frenchute Low Bold
· Frenchute Low Bold Italic
· Frenchute Low Heavy
· Frenchute Low Heavy Italic

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