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Gelato Script Font

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Gelato ScriptDesigner: Dave Rowland
Publisher: Schizotype
Gelato Script was developed by Dave Rowland and published by Schizotype. Gelato Script contains 1 design. p > NEW AND ENHANCED GELATO LUXE - OUT NOW!

Gelato Script is a smooth-flowing typeface with an air of familiarity. Influenced by both official scripts and mid-Twentieth Century hand lettering. The power of OpenType is utilized with accuracy in the Contextual Alternate feature to ensure letters connect seamlessly, t's cross where they can and swashes do not crash into neighboring glyphs. 781 glyphs make up this font, which can speaking in numerous various languages.

Alternate kinds are grouped into stylistic sets to make it easy to alter the state of mind of the text. For instance, ss01 makes droopable mail drop listed below the standard to break it up a little if required. I suggest utilizing it sparingly, one glyph at a time, however if you do allow it for an entire piece of text, the creative OpenType shows ensures that it doesn't go overboard. Sets 2, 3 and 4 bring about alternate forms of S, s, B and Q. Set 5 changes AE and OE to some maybe controversial Upper/lowercase ligatures.

Engage ss06 for the underline feature. After a word, simply type two or more underscores and a line extends backwards under the word you just typed. Don't worry if you have to break for a descender, the OpenType programming will look after making certain it connects appropriately to the preceding character.

Sets 7 and 8 are for alternate ampersands, and ss09 swaps the script r for a regular shaped r.

There are swash capitals offered for many uppercase letters, and the OpenType programming ensures there is room for them under or over the following letters. There's also a great amount of ligatures thrown in.

The localised kinds feature can be set for Polish, where acutes get steeper and lslash handles its script type; Dutch, where IJ and ij digraphs become cool ligatured combinations; and Romanian and Moldovan, where cedillas are subsituted for comma accents.

The stylistic alternates feature groups together a few of the stylistic sets for users that can't get to them directly.

Gelato Script is an extremely usable, powerful typeface. Perfect for everything from food product packaging to wedding event invites, sports group logo designs to magazine headings. Use it nevertheless you please. Simply something - it's not developed for all-caps settings, so avoid that at all costs!

Font Family: Gelato Script

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Gelato Script Font Preview

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