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GeoDeco Font

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GeoDecoDesigner: Josep Patau Bellart
Publisher: Tipo Pépel
Developed by Josep Bellart, GeoDeco is an art deco and sans serif font household. This typeface has sixteen designs and was released by Tipo Pépel.

Geodeco typeface family gives you the healing of the typographic types from the beginning of the 20th century, with a strong ArtDecó flavour however from a new perspective: modernity and geometry. Modernity in the visual contrast between lowercase and capital letters, where rounded shapes are opposed to the breaks and graphic stress of the strokes of the capital letters. which offers it a massive creativity.

Generous dosages of internal whites, guarantee an effective legibility even with the spite of its brief ascending and descending strokes. What we get is a coherent and martial look where fluidity and homogeneity is the main note. Soft and rounded minuscule, with large internal whites for very legibility, bombproof, specifically on screens, where Geodeco lives with an astonishing naturalness.

The uppercase, used alone as display, or as buddies of the minuscule characters, offer the family a touch of creativity and exotic taste. Like the spices in the food; a short however extreme note. Breaking the rectangle-shaped shapes so that the appearance of the letter comes out take advantage of enlarging the internal whites and making them constant with the white of the lower case.

GeoDeco works extremely well in plain text with the obvious restriction that it is not a type for little bodies, but exceptionality weldon for plain text and signage. Maximum presence, overall appeal on screens. A household of this brand-new century with the flavour of that epoch of experimentation that were the years 20.


Extensive multilanguage assistance and practically all Opentype functionalities. Try it and it will convince you - for sure!

.Font Family:
· GeoDeco Thin
· GeoDeco Thin Italic
· GeoDeco Light
· GeoDeco Light Italic
· GeoDeco Book
· GeoDeco Book Italic
· GeoDeco Regular
· GeoDeco Italic
· GeoDeco Medium
· GeoDeco Medium Italic
· GeoDeco DemiBold
· GeoDeco DemiBold Italic
· GeoDeco Bold
· GeoDeco Bold Italic
· GeoDeco Heavy
· GeoDeco Heavy Italic

GeoDeco Font Preview
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