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Geogrotesque Stencil Font

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Geogrotesque StencilDesigner: Eduardo Manso
Publisher: Emtype Foundry
Geogrotesque Stencil was designed by Eduardo Manso and released by Emtype Foundry. Geogrotesque Stencil contains 42 designs and household plan options. p > Geogrotesque Stencil belongs to the popular Geogrotesque family, and regardless of being believed as a screen typeface, it goes one step even more and tries to resolve a few of the normal problems with stencils fonts. Geogrotesque Stencil comes with 3 widths of cut (A, B and C). These cuts not only enable a much better efficiency when printing at different sizes, you can also move throughout variations A, B or C in accordance to the rigidness of the material utilized. The household includes 42 designs, 7 weights with 3 variations each plus italics, all of them in Open Type format including ligatures, tabular figures, portions, numerators, denominators, superiors and inferiors with support for Central and Eastern European languages.

Font Family:
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Thin
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Thin
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Thin
· Geogrotesque Stencil A UltraLight
· Geogrotesque Stencil B UltraLight
· Geogrotesque Stencil C UltraLight
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Light
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Light
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Light
· Geogrotesque Stencil A
· Geogrotesque Stencil B
· Geogrotesque Stencil C
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Medium
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Medium
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Medium
· Geogrotesque Stencil A SemiBold
· Geogrotesque Stencil B SemiBold
· Geogrotesque Stencil C SemiBold
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Bold
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Bold
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Bold
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Thin Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Thin Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Thin Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil A UltraLight Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil B UltraLight Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil C UltraLight Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Medium Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Medium Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Medium Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil A SemiBold Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil B SemiBold Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil C SemiBold Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Bold Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Bold Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Bold Italic

Tags: branding, construction, display, geogrotesque, geometric, gothic, grotesk, grotesque, headline, industrial, industry, informal, magazine, modern, po boekje, rounded, sans-serif, sans serif, sansserif, slab, squarish, stencil, superfamily

Geogrotesque Stencil Font Preview
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