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Geometria Font

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GeometriaDesigners: Gayaneh Bagdasaryan, Vyacheslav Kirilenko
Publisher: Brownfox
Geometria was designed by Gayaneh Bagdasaryan, Vyacheslav Kirilenko and published by Brownfox. Geometria contains 24 designs and household bundle options. p >

Although geometric Sans Serifs have been in vogue for nearly a century, they have never been as ubiquitous. It is not unlikely that the old expression would be phrased: "When in doubt, set it in geometric sans", had it been made up today. Have we not had enough? We believe, not. Postmodern times demand a range of expressions.

The vision behind Geometria was to review the perennial preferred to provide subtle uniqueness to its tried and real kinds. Geometria stands out in the crowd of similar fonts thanks to its complicated nature. It integrates dynamic components with a particular degree of stability. A slightly higher waistline of the capitals contributes to their distinct look. If the upper case describes the American grotesques of the 19th century, the lower case tends towards the forms of the Renaissance in its proportions.

Geometria is a typeface of tidy shapes that is appropriate for continuous reading, and it sets remarkably well. At the very same time, it can be friendly, even flirty. Its distinct personality integrates seeming opposites. Sometimes it may appear serious, at times spirited. On celebration, it might be purposeful, other times vibrant. It could seem rigid, then elegant. It is a typeface that might be viewed either as cutting-edge, or as classic. A cautious and critical typographer will highlight and highlight those aspects of its complex character that are required to resolve the problem at hand.

Geometria consists of 24 font styles - 8 weights with matching italics and narrow designs. The font style includes numerous sets of figures and currency signs, alternate glyphs, a variety of experimental ligatures, and punctuation marks for the two cases. The 835 glyphs support 72 languages.

Granshan 2013 award.

Font Family:
· Geometria Thin
· Geometria Thin Italic
· Geometria ExtraLight
· Geometria ExtraLight Italic
· Geometria Light
· Geometria Light Italic
· Geometria Geometria
· Geometria Italic
· Geometria Medium
· Geometria Medium Italic
· Geometria Bold
· Geometria Bold Italic
· Geometria ExtraBold
· Geometria ExtraBold Italic
· Geometria Heavy
· Geometria Heavy Italic
· Geometria Narrow Thin
· Geometria Narrow Extra Light
· Geometria Narrow Light
· Geometria Narrow
· Geometria Narrow Medium
· Geometria Narrow Bold
· Geometria Narrow ExtraBold
· Geometria Narrow Heavy

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Geometria Font Preview

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