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Gimbal Grotesque Font

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Gimbal GrotesquePublisher: Aviation Partners
Gimbal Grotesque is a sans serif font family. This typeface has forty-eight styles and was published by Aviation Partners.

Gimbal Grotesque is a richly-featured font family providing many style options across a broad range of languages. It is twinned with Gimbal Egyptian, a slab-serif family with an identical range of weights and features.
Originally conceived as a small webfont family, the letterforms have been revitalised to put a spring in their step and the family has been extended to create a versatile multi-script text face equally at home on the printed page. Carefully crafted at all weights, Gimbal also lends itself to headlines and display applications such as posters, exhibitions and signage while resolving well on-screen for general document creation and web-based applications.
The letters are spaced for best readability on-screen and in the usual printed body text ranges but are tolerant of tracking adjustment to suit other uses. The styles are divided by width into four families (Compressed, Condensed, Normal, Extended), each family possessing six weights plus corresponding italics. Within each family, the ‘regular’ and ‘bold’ weights are style-linked, and all upright forms have an italic counterpart.
The full opentype character set includes latin, greek and cyrillic scripts with appropriate local variants (also as stylistic sets) for Turkish, Polish and Romanian (latin) and Russian, Bulgarian and Serbian (cyrillic). All fonts contain small capitals for all scripts, superscript for latin and commonly used greek together with the usual numeral style, size and positioning options. The default numerals are ‘proportional lining’. Other opentype features include case-sensitive marks, fractions, and some discretionary ligatures. A set of circled numerals and circled latin capitals is included, along with an unusual feature that composes 2-character country codes.

Font Family:
· Gimbal Grotesque Light
· Gimbal Grotesque Light Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Book
· Gimbal Grotesque Book Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Regular
· Gimbal Grotesque Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Medium
· Gimbal Grotesque Medium Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Bold
· Gimbal Grotesque Bold Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Heavy
· Gimbal Grotesque Heavy Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Condensed Light
· Gimbal Grotesque Condensed Light Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Condensed Book
· Gimbal Grotesque Condensed Book Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Condensed Regular
· Gimbal Grotesque Condensed Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Condensed Medium
· Gimbal Grotesque Condensed Medium Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Condensed Bold
· Gimbal Grotesque Condensed Bold Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Condensed Heavy
· Gimbal Grotesque Condensed Heavy Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Compressed Light
· Gimbal Grotesque Compressed Light Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Compressed Book
· Gimbal Grotesque Compressed Book Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Compressed Regular
· Gimbal Grotesque Compressed Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Compressed Medium
· Gimbal Grotesque Compressed Medium Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Compressed Bold
· Gimbal Grotesque Compressed Bold Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Compressed Heavy
· Gimbal Grotesque Compressed Heavy Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Extended Light
· Gimbal Grotesque Extended Light Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Extended Book
· Gimbal Grotesque Extended Book Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Extended Regular
· Gimbal Grotesque Extended Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Extended Medium
· Gimbal Grotesque Extended Medium Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Extended Bold
· Gimbal Grotesque Extended Bold Italic
· Gimbal Grotesque Extended Heavy
· Gimbal Grotesque Extended Heavy Italic

Gimbal Grotesque Font Preview
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