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Gineso Soft Font

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Gineso SoftDesigner: Jeremy Dooley
Publisher: insigne
Gineso Soft was created by Jeremy Dooley and released by insigne. Gineso Soft includes 48 designs and household package options. p > Handmade indications line the stoned walkways of old Italy. Some a century old, these typically forgotten works of unidentified artists stay etched throughout cities and towns. Now, they make their welcoming impressions once again as the motivation for insigne design's Gineso Soft typeface.

Gineso Soft takes in the character of northern Italian posters, headlines and logotypes, offering a type specifically great for indications and entitling with its condensed qualities. The font consists of matching italics for the eight weights and three widths. We've also consisted of little features together with portions and superior/ inferior characters to broaden your options. Even more, Gineso Soft is ready for all applications and includes a large character set for the languages and literature of Europe.

So add a soft touch the next time you remain in a difficult situation. Include Gineso Soft and make your task a work to be remembered.

Font Family:
· Gineso Soft Normal Thin
· Gineso Soft Normal Thin Italic
· Gineso Soft Normal Light
· Gineso Soft Normal Light Italic
· Gineso Soft Normal Book
· Gineso Soft Normal Book Italic
· Gineso Soft Normal Regular
· Gineso Soft Normal Regular Italic
· Gineso Soft Normal Medium
· Gineso Soft Normal Medium Italic
· Gineso Soft Normal Demi
· Gineso Soft Normal Demi Italic
· Gineso Soft Normal Bold
· Gineso Soft Normal Bold Italic
· Gineso Soft Normal Extra Bold
· Gineso Soft Normal Extra Bold Italic
· Gineso Soft Condensed Thin
· Gineso Soft Condensed Thin Italic
· Gineso Soft Condensed Light
· Gineso Soft Condensed Light Italic
· Gineso Soft Condensed Book
· Gineso Soft Condensed Book Italic
· Gineso Soft Condensed Regular
· Gineso Soft Condensed Regular Italic
· Gineso Soft Condensed Medium
· Gineso Soft Condensed Medium Italic
· Gineso Soft Condensed Demi
· Gineso Soft Condensed Demi Italic
· Gineso Soft Condensed Bold
· Gineso Soft Condensed Bold Italic
· Gineso Soft Condensed Extra Bold
· Gineso Soft Condensed Extra Bold Italic
· Gineso Soft Extended Thin
· Gineso Soft Extended Thin Italic
· Gineso Soft Extended Light
· Gineso Soft Extended Light Italic
· Gineso Soft Extended Book
· Gineso Soft Extended Book Italic
· Gineso Soft Extended Regular
· Gineso Soft Extended Regular Italic
· Gineso Soft Extended Medium
· Gineso Soft Extended Medium Italic
· Gineso Soft Extended Demi
· Gineso Soft Extended Demi Italic
· Gineso Soft Extended Bold
· Gineso Soft Extended Bold Italic
· Gineso Soft Extended Extra Bold
· Gineso Soft Extended Extra Bold Italic

Tags: branding, contemporary, friendly, grotesk, grotesque, headline, logo, modern, multilanguage, posters, round, rounded, sans, sans serif, signing, soft, titling

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